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  1. REMilk

    What Launcher are you using with your S4?

    I am using Next 3D.
  2. REMilk

    Next Laucher 3D

    Next Launcher 3D I want to state this up front... I have encountered no problems with the S4 stock launcher; it is responsive and works well. I have been using the Next Launcher 3D on my Galaxy S4 for about 2 weeks. I decided to try the Next Launcher 3D as I have been a user for the "Go...
  3. REMilk

    Saving battery on your S4

    Another way to save battery life (at least in OG Droid and Droid 3) is to make sure that when you are finished with Facebook, you press the home button to end it and not the return key. Facebook makes extensive use of an active GPS. When you 'return', you leave facebook, but the GPS remains...
  4. REMilk


    Reboot aka power down/power up your S4 after the first time you pair each device. My experience with connecting/pairing BT devices with my S4 is that after you pair a device, for the first time, you need to reboot the S4. I have 3 BT devices, Logitec UME Boombox, Lg Note/700 BT earbuds, Ford...
  5. REMilk

    Rapid Battery Drain and Very Sluggish on Phone dialing

    Dialing Sluggishness IMPORTANT: Make sure you have or know the log in/sign in information for your apps before doing a factory refresh. Actually the "Factory Refresh" was quite painless. I was already storing all my pics, docs, and music on the External SD Card or in one of my cloud...
  6. REMilk

    Rapid Battery Drain and Very Sluggish on Phone dialing

    The first things I did was delete all text messages and cleared cache. I removed Google Voice and Facebook. I pulled the battery after each un-install. Since there was no improvement, I just moved all pics, docs, music, etc from the internal media. I bit the bullet and did a factory reset...
  7. REMilk

    Rapid Battery Drain and Very Sluggish on Phone dialing

    Update: Last night (December 27, 2012), I did a factory refresh and limited the apps I re-installed to those I primarily use. I did not re-install the home screen/launcher replacement (though there have been no reports of the type of behavior I was experiencing), "Beautiful Widgets" or...
  8. REMilk

    Rapid Battery Drain and Very Sluggish on Phone dialing

    I have been using the the Droid 3 since August 2011 with little problem and few annoyances. Over the past month, I have been suffering through 2 problems. The phone is stock/NOT rooted. I am running Android version 2.3.4 with Baseband version of N_03.18.32P. 1. Very Rapid Battery Drain. I...
  9. REMilk

    Password keeper

    I prefer KeyPass. Apps for Droid and PCs. Keep your data file in the cloud (Dropbox) and the data is synced across all devices.
  10. REMilk

    rotate google maps for gps on droid 3

    Press on the compass point, on the upper left, and you switch between 'up' being the direction you are traveling and 'up' being north. Bob
  11. REMilk

    Mobile Hotspot

    I use the app "FoxFi" with my Droid 3 to make what I believe is a "mobile hotspot." To get this to work on the Droid 3, that is bypass the need to have a 'hotspot account', follow these steps: Start FoxFi Put Droid 3 into Airplane Mode Bring Droid 3 out of Airplane Mode Seems to work fine for...
  12. REMilk

    Transferring music from an app to computer?

    Not sure of your question. There are many ways! 1. If you want to download music from your Droid 3 to your PC, you can connect the USB cable and use file explorer or use an App like Air Droid and move it through a web interface; 2. If you use Google Music or the Amazon MP3 app, you can move...
  13. REMilk

    Google Maps to bluetooth headset

    Thank you JR for the information. Now I know I will select, with Ford's SYNC anyway, the "connect Blue Tooth Media" choice. Bob
  14. REMilk

    Google Maps to bluetooth headset

    When I have paired my Droid 3 with the Bluetooth in both a Hyundai Sonata and a Ford Exploroer (with Sync) and the directions do not come through the cars speakers. However, the voices while on a call are loud and clear. Any suggestions?
  15. REMilk

    Advice Needed for Cloud Storage for pics/videos (aghh)

    DropBox has the capability to automatically upload pics and videos taken with your phone to you DropBox (cloud) account. If you do not have DropBox here is a referral link. Good Luck, Bob
  16. REMilk

    Free Wifi Wireless Tether NO ROOT REQUIRED! via New APP FoxFi

    FoxFi works well on my Droid 3 when I follow these steps. 1. Start FoxFi 2. Turn on Airplane Mode 3. Turn off Airplane Mode Good luck, Bob
  17. REMilk

    Droid noise on = Make it stop!

    I like the "Droid" sound when my Droid 3 starts!
  18. REMilk

    Launcher search on market

    It is not stupid. It is easy to forget because these functions do not work with searches at every site.
  19. REMilk

    Launcher search on market

    This is very easy to get around by using the standard search functions. For searching you can use the '-' function (that is search but "less/do not include" the following term. In the search criteria type "launcher -go" (without the apostrophes). This will drop all launcher items that are...
  20. REMilk

    Is a Droid usable with no wireless service - Like an iPod Touch?

    When I upgraded to a droid 3 I kept my original Droid (OG Droid). The OG Droid works great as a WiFi-only device. I can download apps from the App Market, GetJar and AppStore. I can play interactive games over WiFi. I stream music via WiFi for Google Music, Amazon Music, Pandora, and Slacker...