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    Cyanogen Mod CEO Thinks Samsung Is The Next Nokia

    Exactly. Last I checked Samsung were more than just smartphone makers...most of the components inside and outside of some phones are Samsung products. Wont even get started on how they have their hands in so many different markets.... Nokia was mainly a phone maker. RIM was too (he mentions...
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    RadioShack Likely Heading Into Bankruptcy; Plans to Sell Stores to Sprint and Amazon

    As sad as I am to see them go, I hope Amazon gets a nice chunk of stores. From clock radios, to cable modems they were a local go to spot for electronics. And I much as I like Radio Shack....Micro Center might wanna also look at getting into some of the stores.
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    Indie Developers Outraged as Google Requires a Published Physical Address on Play Store

    At first I didnt think much about it but the article had me think again. This is a bad idea....unless there are ways around it ala the post above me and the one saying use Google's The post above is probably the best bet. And I had no idea about it until thread.
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    Black Market iPhone 6 Lines Show the Sleazy Side of iPhone 6 Fanaticism

    I dont see a problem either. Scalping is a lil different because the concert, show will be over in a matter of hours. This is about ppl not being patient for a device that can be bought at numerous places at a later time or date. And has longer lasting value than a show. Tickets can be bought...
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    #Bendgate Continues as LG, Samsung and HTC Get in on the Apple Bashing Action

    Here you Most can be found on Twitter:
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    #Bendgate Continues as LG, Samsung and HTC Get in on the Apple Bashing Action

    This is hilarious now. The ones with Neo from the matrix and the spoon replaced with the iPhone 6 and the repair kits....priceless.... Apple cant catch a break right now.
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    The Note 3 Is More Durable Than The Iphone 6 Plus

    Sat on? No. Front pocket? Thats not sitting on. I believe most men put their phones in their front pocket, most women in their back pocket. The day I have to worry about my phone in my front pocket is the day I go back to feature phones....or the day I start losing weight because my pants are...
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    The Note 3 Is More Durable Than The Iphone 6 Plus

    I can understand back pocket....because you will be sitting on the phone. But front pocket? A phone is expected to bend in the front pocket? Tight pants....maybe. I have actually forgotten I had smartphones in my front pocket at times when sitting. I know as soon as I sit when its in my back...
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    Early Tests on Android L Suggest Impressive Battery Life Improvements

    I think its because its what they have been doing since day one. Might be a superstitious thing or something. Or if you pay attention to things Google does, this is part of their overall make up. Like having the Pi number as part of some thing they did before. Or some other significant...
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    Never Underestimate Your Rivals: Microsoft and Nokia Never Saw Android as a Threat

    Its also funny Ballmer basically laughed at the iPhone.... 2 huuuge mistakes by MS...underestimating both.
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    Lenovo's S860 with 4,000 mAh Battery to Finally Launch May 1st

    Only thing I would be concerned about is the quad core chip, depending on the price of the phone. How well does it do with battery life, does it run hot, is it snappy, etc. If its so bad that the battery life is = to other phones with a smaller battery but better chip....and the performance is...
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    Moto X+1 Shows Up in Benchmark with Snapdragon 800

    Yup...which means...its gonna be a thin phone.... Hopefully not tho. I dont really like the super thin phone anymore.
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    Does the OnePlus One Size Disappoint You? Comparison Pic vs. Flagship Phones [Poll]

    Its funny how some things are a continuing cycle. First phones were huge...then they became micro tiny...then they started getting a bit we are on the verge of huge again...if we arent already there. 4.5, 4.7 is my sweet spot. I can tolerate 5..anything above that and its a tablet...
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    Scarlett Johansson & Luc Beeson Team Up for Sci-Fi Thriller Called 'Lucy'

    I am so in love with this lady....yall stop talking bad about my baby!!!! Sounds like in interesting movie. Limitless is one of my favs. CK...I need to find out more about this iPic place... I may move to a city that has one just for the Never is coming soon to...
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    Dell and Microsoft Sign Cross-Licensing Android Agreement

    Doing some reading this story bought up some points some ppl made about just what are the patents..and Moto is on of the few that stood up to MS about the patents. It seems like there are 9 patents in question...and all but 1-2 were deemed in violation. Whats wild is one of the...
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    Leef Access microUSB Dongle Could Solve Your Android Storage Problems

    Well...there was the Meenova and Sony dongle. What I like about this one tho is its has 2 slots for 2 cards. I like that the Meenova is smaller...and I like that the Sony one has standard USB on 1 side. Only thing about the Sony one is its not a card reader. I have a Moto G...8GB...and am...
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    Interesting Highlights of Moto 360 Live Talk: 'we wanted to hit that Whoa! mark'

    Also.....Android went scalable with apps being able to scale based on screen size and resolution. I'm pretty sure they figured how to make this work with a small, round face. And I dont think it can take pictures. Someone said it best...most of the current smart watches look kinda like the old...
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    Handy Method for Speeding Up Your Android Device

    Even on launchers, I never went with the different animations. I always used the basic one(s) I also like how Google is hiding developer settings while having it on more Android versions. Its not for everyone. Only the people that use it will be interested.
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    Handy Method for Speeding Up Your Android Device

    Yup...I have been doing this ever since I could with Android. I also do this with desktop OS's too.
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    Google Sued By Mother After Her Son Makes $66 of In-App Purchases in Marvel Game

    Seems like the password request, 30 minute window needs to be tweaked.... Google might have to pay up.... Why have a password setting if it isnt activated until 30 minutes later?