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  1. BayouFlyFisher

    Note 3 charging

    Sounds like your charger is going to die soon. Sent from my SM-N900V using Tapatalk
  2. BayouFlyFisher

    in need help with my vze sgs3

    Search for "Odin back to stock". That is, assuming your phone will boot into download mode. Sent from my SM-N900V using Tapatalk
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    How to hide text preview in lock screen?

    I don't have a GS3 and all the phones in my household are rooted, but with those caveats I would suggest you look in settings/display/ and if there is a lockscreen menu select it. If not there, then check the settings in the messaging app. Good luck
  4. BayouFlyFisher

    antivirus detected above threshold

    I don't think so. I use AVG on my laptop so I gave it a try on the Note 2 for a very brief period of time. I found that it was flagging a lot of apps that I knew were clean and OK. I uninstalled it. That was my only experience with an antivirus app on an Android phone. I've never used them...
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    Welcome to the forums!! Hope you enjoy things here!
  6. BayouFlyFisher

    Newbie S3 User - Annoying Autofill/Autocomplete, can't see where to turn off

    I believe the auto-fill settings are normally associated with each keyboard. Check the settings there. And WELCOME to the forums!! Hope you get things setup the way you want and enjoy your phone!
  7. BayouFlyFisher

    Help MattyP

    I'm setting up a daily calender event to remind me afternoon. BTW, I've already voted today. Good luck MattyP. I'm not a stock car fan, but I am a "good guy" fan! Good luck!
  8. BayouFlyFisher

    Galaxy S4 Images Leaked, I'm not Impressed...

    There is absolutely only one thing I do not like about my Galaxy Note 2 and the physical home button. And there it is on that new phone??? I sure that is not the final design or that the picture is just a mock-up.
  9. BayouFlyFisher

    New Member, Did i get a good deal.

    Welcome to the forum. I'm sure you will enjoy your new phone!!!
  10. BayouFlyFisher

    Insufficient Space Error

    Back in the OG Droid days we used to get rid of that problem by deleting the "" file from the sdcard. Market fix for Insufficient Space Error - xda-developers My suggestions are to do the following first: Settings/apps/ and clear cache & data on market/play store and download...
  11. BayouFlyFisher

    Sync with Outlook contacts

    Google Groups There are some suggestions in that thread. Good luck. Here's a Google app that seems to work:!topic/gmail/DewkMqqSPmI
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    SD Card Upgrade

    Got a Class 10 SanDisk 64 for my Note 2 on release day. I immediately reformated to Fat32 and have had absolutely zero issues. Here's a thread that contains everything you always wanted to know about sdcards and then some: [GUIDE] [INFO] All about SD CARDS - which one, why and how! Posts 1-3...
  13. BayouFlyFisher

    End of Verizon Contract

    Down here in the Baton Rouge area there is no provider that has the coverage for me. I fish a lot along the Louisiana coast and dropped AT&T years ago over their spotty coverage. I'm sticking with Verizon for the coverage and the service. YMMV!!
  14. BayouFlyFisher

    i think its time to switch fro my iphone 5 on verizon to android which one

    I had the Galaxy Nexus and loved it. My wife now has it and she too loves it. I now have a Galaxy Note 2 and could not be more pleased. I love the big screen, speed, smoothness and battery life. I was like you in that I used to have a charger every where (car, bedside, desk, den chair...
  15. BayouFlyFisher

    Memory Card?

    Everything you ever wanted to know about sdcards, and then some: [GUIDE] [INFO] All about SD CARDS - which one, why and how! Posts 1-3. - xda-developers I used class 4 in my previous phones, but on my Note 2 I went with a class 10. I only did it because the class 10 was on huge sale. I've...
  16. BayouFlyFisher

    new to Note 2

    Congratulations on your new purchase!! I think you will really enjoy this phone. Here is a link to a guy that does videos on the Gnote2. I've watched all of them at least once and most more than once. I think they are great: *Daily* Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Tips & Tricks - YouTube Good luck.
  17. BayouFlyFisher

    I need Help my phone is Bricked and I need a backup to restor it, Please Help me guys

    Restoring a nandroid backup is the same as flashing a new rom. What exactly is not working when you try to install a new rom? Is it not installing or does the phone malfunction after installation?
  18. BayouFlyFisher

    battery help???

    If this just started with in the installation of a new rom, I would immediately reflash the rom. Anytime I have an issue with a new rom or new kernel and the issue is not widely reported by others, I reflash. If the problem persists, I go to a different rom. Before reflashing you might want...
  19. BayouFlyFisher

    new bionic member

    Welcome the forum!! Hope you enjoy things here. I no longer have my Bionic. When I got the Galaxy Nexus, my Bionic went to my wife. She has since passed it on to our son-in-law. It has been a great phone for all of us.
  20. BayouFlyFisher

    Need help

    Looks like your Sprint version did not get all the Premium stuff in the international version: Sprint Community: 2/27 - Samsung Galaxy S III Software Update - L710VPBMB1