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    Gmail draining my battery?

    Looked at the resources used and it appears gmail is taking 40%, although I never use it... Is there any way to stop this from happening?
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    Bluetooth dongle problem

    Tried to connect the S3 to my laptop (built-in bluetooth) automatically, OK. Enabled my new PC bluetooth dongle csr4.0 in Windows 7 and tried to connect on my S3. Scanning - Confirm xxxxx (random? 6 digit number) is used - OK - scanning - "wrong pincode or password". What am I doing wrong...
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    Phone doesn't see blue tooth dongle

    Hi all, Bought myself a CSR 4.0 usb blue tooth dongle to transfer pictures. However, after scanning the S3 says Not Found. The dongle installed correctly on the pc. Anyone?
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    Red flashing

    Since a big fw upgrade last Saturday the startscreen has irregularly flashing red rims. They also show sometimes on closing an app, or elsewhere. I noticed my e mails now have a blue line to the left, some have a different color, maybe for URGENT or something. Can I get rid of this behavior?