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  1. arparaspolo

    Switching my GS3 for a MAXX HD

    Does anyone have any input on this being a good trade or not? I have had the x, x2, d3, razr, razr maxx, then went to the gs3 and want to go back to Moto with the MAXX HD. How is the camera? I see a lot of people complaining about it. As they did with my other Moto phones. I never had any...
  2. arparaspolo

    Avg threat alert***

    With every single page I open on AVG pops up a threat alert that says malicious site and that the threats were blocked. What is up with this? :mad:
  3. arparaspolo

    Video playback

    I have the 16gb memory card that came with my DX and used it for my DX2 now I am using it on my D3. I am having problems watching movies. I am rooted but stock everything. When I go to watch a movie (whiched worked fine on both of the older phones) it takes forever to load. The screen stays...
  4. arparaspolo

    Glitchy Home Screen

    I recently upgraded to Froyo 2. I also just recently added some music. After which when scrolling through the home screens the back ground jumps around. It does this with my media and pre loaded wall papers. It doesn't however do this with Live Wallpapers. I have tried removing my SD Card...