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  1. omniderb

    Upload notification

    I keep getting unwanted notifications. 1. Have items waiting to upload. 2. Motocast update available. I don't have Motocast set up. How do I shut off these notifications? Thanks,
  2. omniderb

    Upload items

    Every time I take a picture I get a message indicating that I have items to upload. How do I turn off this feature? Thanks, O. :blink:
  3. omniderb

    Face talk

    So now my daughter and grandaughter both have the iphone. I searched this forum and maybe missed the thread I was looking for. Is there a way to facetalk back and forth from my razr to the iphone? I've heard that Skype is my only choice but there is a monthly fee. thanks.:)
  4. omniderb


    G-Mail recently made some changes I'm not happy with. Is there a way to delete g-mail from my inbox without opening it? Thanks, Omniderb
  5. omniderb

    How to remove apps

    How can I remove apps that were installed my motorola on my droid razr? Example NFL Mobile. Thanks. Omniderb.
  6. omniderb

    View Email Sent

    Does anyone know how to view my email sent items? Thanks, Omniderb
  7. omniderb

    WiFi Network

    How can I stop my RAZR from constantly telling me that WiFi Networks are available? It's driving me crazy with these unnecessary notifications. How can I turn off the notification? Thanks.