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    Verizon Forum rejected my post Lame

    Because I asked for great features to be brought back. Just shows you Verizon doesn't care about there customers.
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    Turbo 2 wireless charging

    Is there a wireless charger that charges at the turbo rate? I tried this But it did not charge at turbo rate. Is it possible to turbo charge wireless? Or wireless is just regular charging?
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    Shut down issues while charging

    When i charge my phone it shuts down. I have to hard reset (power and down volume buttons) it to finally come back on and then turn it on to boot up. It doesn't happen every time i am charging just randomly. But it seems to be happening more frequently. So wanted to post about it and see if...
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    google voice app icon changed :(

    Hi, Does anyone know why the google voice app icon changed to the android character. I liked it better with the phone in a talk bubble. Is there a way to change it back. The android character is too common, doesn't really say texting or voice mail. hope they change it back or give an option to...
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    real racing 2 download removal

    Hi does anyone know how to remove the 500mb download for real racing 2. I clicked on the app and it required a 500mb download to play. But now i can't find how to remove that 500mb download as i don't care for the game and would rather have my space back. Can't find in the normal places.
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    smart action playlist

    Droid razr HD maxx I am trying to set up smart action for when my phone is connected to my bluetooth speaker and have it play a playlist. But when I choose the action for play a song it doesn't give me any option to choose a playlist. I have playlists in google play and I even downloaded another...