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    Maximizing Droid Music Situation

    I have an HTC Incredible and I would like to maximize the music situation with my Droid, but I feel like I'm missing something here and I'd love to hear your advice. iTunes is currently where I house the music library on my PC, and I can sync it to my Droid using iSyncr, which works great...
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    Droid Incredible Issues

    Hello, Something has happened to my DI today, and I've been reading forum posts for over an hour and I can't figure out what to do. 1) I have a message that says, "Low on Space," and I can't get rid of it, however I'm not at all low on space. (I've tried syncing Google and it doesn't appear...
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    Downloading photos onto computer

    I have tried several ways to download photos from my incredible onto my pc and I have been unable to. I also cannot find where my photos are located. Help! Thanks in advance.
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    Question about Tethering

    I'm not sure if this is the appropriate place to post this topic - please let me know if I need to move it. I have a Droid Incredible and from what I understand I can use it for tethering to my laptop. My question is, if I use this at work, will I be able to go online without my company seeing...
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    Double SMS Message Issue

    I have a Droid Incredible with Handcent installed for SMS. When I get a text message, I have a box that automatically pops up, usually displaying an older message, and I can’t seem to make it go away. I’ve searched through the forums and followed directions to try to stop the stock SMS...
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    New Droid Incredible Owner and Droid Forums Member

    I've had my new Droid Incredible for about a two weeks and I've enjoyed reading and learning from the Droid Forums. Today I decided to join. :icon_ banana: I'm still learning about my phone, and all of the available apps, etc. Just wanted to say, "Hello!" Thanks! Winfield