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    Google search

    Sorry if I'm repeating a topic, but I can't seem to find an answer in the search results.... I have the droid razr, I'm using swype. When I go into the google search, and I pick something that doesn't automatically bring back suggested searches, there isn't a 'search' button. But if I rotate...
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    16gb vs 32gb

    I've just had a most confusing discussion with the verizon sales rep. First he says the 16gb version has the sd slot, just no card and that's the only difference to the 32gb version. Then later he says well you can't expand the 16gb there's no slot. Can anyone confirm for me that the 16gb still...
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    new ways to do wallpapers

    Has anyone come across any new ways to do a custom wallpaper from a jpg (taken with the phone) to set the wallpaper? I'd like to have it show the whole pic on each screen instead of a third of the pic on each.
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    k9 mail everything gone

    First thing this morning I checked my email, everything was fine. I didn't install any updates or anything. Went to check my email and it's all gone. As soon as I click the icon I get the initial set up of an account screen. All my accounts and emails are gone. I've tried turning the phone off...
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    email issues

    Has anyone else had issues where email seems to stop checking itself and alerting? I have 3 email accounts that all work just fine if I go in to them, but don't seem to keep checking themselves at the intervals I specified. Is there a better app someone's found that I should try?
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    Battery widgets

    Has anyone come across a widget that allows you to set a 'low battery alert' for say 30%?
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    Best voice dialer

    I was wondering what you think the best app for voice control is? I'd mostly be interested in voice dialing. Is there something better than the thing that came with the phone? Do any of them work through bluetooth?
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    Market missing apps

    I had an application installed on my phone. Had to switch to a replacement phone due to a charging issue. I'm trying to install everything I had before, and one particular application isn't found no matter how I search for it. Is there some kind of refresh to the market list I need to do or is...
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    lost shopping app

    I had to get a replacement phone and all but one app I had reloaded just fine. Here's my issue- I totally forgot to write down it's title and can't seem to find it anywhere. I'm hoping someone else will have been using it and remember it's name. It handled multiple lists, ex weekly grocery list...