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  1. Wopback

    Note 3 pre-ordered or new, promo code

    I posted this on another forum, but wanted to give a heads up to others. If you preordered your N3 or are planning to buy one on Verizon. Use promo code verizon30. If you preordered for 299$, you'll need to contact Verizon for your 90$. The code takes 30% off the phone. Good luck!!! I got my...
  2. Wopback

    Free Tethering......not Foxfi

    So Foxfi updated the old version and it no longer works. I came upon 2 free tethering apps which seem to work fine. I even called Verizon to make sure nothing was activated. So far, so good. Don't know which I like best though. Anyone know of anymore...
  3. Wopback

    Blocking Mode......Jelly Bean

    Verizon's at it again. I was really looking forward to blocking mode with the jb update, but they decided not to include this in the settings. Its actually hidden. However, you can still get it. This is part of the new software and not an app or 3rd party. First down load this app from the...
  4. Wopback

    Foxfi.......old version

    I'm hearing a lot of people are having trouble with the new paid version of foxfi. Until they fix it, please feel free to use the 1.91 version. I saved it on my 4shared account. You will need to sign in to download though. Also, make sure unknown sources is checked in your settings. Its an...
  5. Wopback

    Foxfi.......update now 7$

    Just FYI.......I have Foxfi and love it. But it now is going to put a limit on the free version and charge 7$ for unlimited. I definitely think its worth more, so be prepared to pay if updated. There's no rules that says I have to update, so I will not be updating at this time.....
  6. Wopback

    Galaxy S3 vs Maxx HD (phonedog- dogfight)

    Nice review from a reputable tech source. Helpful if anyone is still undecided.....can't say I'm surprised at his result....... Part 1 Part 2
  7. Wopback

    Your Verizon Bill......

    I notice with Verizon they often times will have special plans or features which are not online or known to the public. You have to ask. So I'm curious what everyone has and whats there average bill. So heres my bill and features: 3 lines (1 test line), FAM loyalty 450 min share plan and unl...
  8. Wopback

    East Coast Storm....

    Thoughts and prayers go out to all of you along the East Coast....May God be with all of you during this time..... God Bless
  9. Wopback

    S3 Random Shut Down

    Apologies if this was already posted, I couldn't find anything. I will turn the screen off my s3 by hitting the power button. When I go to turn it back on, the screen stays black. I try to turn it back on by holding the power button, but the only thing turning it back on is a battery pull...
  10. Wopback

    Costco mobile phone policy....

    Was wondering if anyone has bought a phone from Costco and used the 90day return/ exchange policy? Any issues? Looking at possibly making an exchange.... THanks in advance
  11. Wopback

    Dont use a task killer yet!!!

    I notice one of the most common threads on here is the battery life on phones.."why does it die so soon?", "is this normal?", "whats using up my battery?" I found an app (there's probably more like this") called watchdog lite. The app will let you know what app, system, etc is running on your...
  12. Wopback

    How long can you last without your phone?

    I thought this would be interesting to see the different responses on this. So here it goes.... Considering the "need" most of have with our smart phones, how long could you go if you did not have it (day, week, etc.). Whether it breaks, lost, or stolen...... I had my Maxx shut down 3 months...
  13. Wopback

    Best Forum!!!

    I just wanted to give props to the developers of this Forum. I use XDA, android central, and others. But this one is by far the cleanest and best organized. Others are cluttered and difficult to navigate....thanks guys!!!
  14. Wopback

    S3 while charging....Video Running

    Anyone else seeing this: While I'm charging my phone I notice under my applications that my video player will start running in the background and use a high amount of Ram. You can check by going to applications and look under "running"... Thanks in advance
  15. Wopback

    Why so bitter???

    I've been very happy with my recent purchase of my S3, I've enjoyed talking about it with others, but some iPhone5 owners are very bitter when I talk about it....LOL!!!! I just find it funny and was wondering if others are going through this as well?? I tell them, "don't worry, apple will make...
  16. Wopback

    S3 Owners (coming from Maxx)

    Any S3 owners here who came from the RAZR Maxx? I would really appreciate your thoughts between the 2. I was initially holding out for the HD Maxx, but after playing with the S3 and looking at all the special features (not regular features) I've been amazed. Some of these features are...
  17. Wopback

    NFL Mobile.....5$!!!!!!

    Verizon got us again!!!!! NFL mobile is now 5$ per month and of course their forcing my hand to pay (fantasy football). Rumor is there going to charge 5cents for every app downloaded....jk
  18. Wopback

    5th times a charm

    A couple days ago, the camera on my Maxx wouldn't open. Did 2 Fdr, but no luck (wiped everything). Called Verizon and they shipped me a clnr replacement. However, for "sh#ts and giggles" I did multiple FDR. After the 5th one, whatta works. No issues last couple days. Should I keep...
  19. Wopback

    home screen running

    No issues with my maxx. More curious then anything. This is always running. Its part of the home screen and process is favorites config services. Anyone know what's its source? Thanks in advance.....
  20. Wopback

    Razr Maxx or Razr HD

    So I've been looking forward to the release of the Razr HD, but have been disappointed with the rumored specs. Especially the battery on the HD, compared to the Maxx. Anyhow, if the rumors hold true, I'm staying with...