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  1. Wonmotyme

    How bad is reception on note2?

    Anyone else notice a qualcomm 4g sticker on the top side of their phone after getting it? Just curious
  2. Wonmotyme

    Battery life is awesome

    I agree! Pretty amazing compared to ALL the other devices I've had and used previously! This is with Web browsing, watching many you tube videos and HOURS of music streaming from pandora and google music, email push all notifications and accounts automatically sync and live wallpaper.
  3. Wonmotyme

    WiFi toggle & 3G(CDMA)/4G(LTE) toggle

    Not sure if it is a solution you know of or want but you can put a wifi shortcut icon on your home screen. Then for the radio I used lte toggle on my thunderbolt. Not sure if it will work on the note or if they have one that will work with it. Best of luck
  4. Wonmotyme

    Current Thunderbolt User Looking at Note 2

    Want to say approx 240 grams or approx 8.5 ounces
  5. Wonmotyme

    Galaxy Note 2 waiting Lounge

    Settings> lock screen>lock screen options> tap shortcuts
  6. Wonmotyme

    Skype for the GN2?

    Not sure if they are very similar but maybe Tango. I can't vouch it works because I tried video calling my daughter to test it but she ignored my call :(
  7. Wonmotyme

    VZN Bloatware

    Ps welcome! It's more "funner"on this side! Any other questions fire away. This community is made up of mostly helpful nice people
  8. Wonmotyme

    VZN Bloatware

    Go under phone settings> app manager> all apps> select app you want to disable and there you have it. On caveat need to make sure it isn't tied into the androids system or you may have issues. This is why I started a thread so people can start listing the items they have disabled without any...
  9. Wonmotyme

    what items are safe to disable and hide?

    Hey everyone! I was wanting to get a consensus on the installed items, showing up in our app manager ,that are safe to disable and hide. Any additions welcome and appreciated.
  10. Wonmotyme

    Galaxy Note 2 waiting Lounge

    I have children that are of galavanting age so I am always nervous that I maybe needed in the middle of the night. This is why my phone remains on 24/7. Being able to still receive text and calls from them is a must but not so much for the rest of the world.
  11. Wonmotyme

    Galaxy Note 2 waiting Lounge

    The implications of the content being snide was due to the person referencing people's comments as fussing and our complaining. Moving on to more interesting items. Unfortunately what people have been posting seems to be factual, the Verizon version, which I am a proud owner of, has been...
  12. Wonmotyme

    Galaxy Note 2 waiting Lounge

    Regarding "is this what the fuss is about and everybody complaining " Might want to do a little more reading and comprehension. It has to do with a lot more than just blocking a telemarketer's number (or any number you don't want to hear from). Do it, go back re-read because they did a great job...
  13. Wonmotyme

    Galaxy Note 2 waiting Lounge

    Mine did not come with a Sd card and my Verizon only carries Class 4. I know you can pick up a 32 Gb class 10 ultra for 24.00 on Amazon and a 64 Gb for around 50.00
  14. Wonmotyme

    Amazon app

    You can drag it to the trash and then go under apps and disable it.
  15. Wonmotyme

    I GOT IT!! Verizon style!!!!

    Got mine and it is amazing so far! Little annoyed at Big Red though for messing with it the way they did , both the appearance and software. Oh well! Android boast the best technical minds so they will get it figured out for us! Peace and enjoy!
  16. Wonmotyme

    Current Thunderbolt User Looking at Note 2

    I am coming from a Rezound and previously a thunderbolt. I have to say , so far, my call quality is much better on the note and my lte speeds have almost doubled!! No joke here is a picture. With Rezound I would hit about 9 Mb up consistently and 5 Mb up. For what it is worth
  17. Wonmotyme

    Rezound not getting htc sense 4.0?

    Let us not forget their epic mess ups with the Thunderbolt! Sent from my ADR6425LVW using DroidForums
  18. Wonmotyme

    Backup before root

    Just coming over from a thunderbolt. Finished rooting my rezound a little bit ago and was looking for some educating. With the thunderbolt, I use ROM manager and TI backup. With the rezound, how do I make rom backups and backup my info? Thanks for the help
  19. Wonmotyme

    [RECOVERY] Amon Ra Recovery Image [FASTBOOT]

    Not sure if you were directing your statement towards my post but in case you were. I am not running ROM manager I am trying to flash amon ra
  20. Wonmotyme

    [RECOVERY] Amon Ra Recovery Image [FASTBOOT]

    Good evening, I am in the midst of rooting my new rezound and I am stuck. I currently have the bootloader unlocked. I am currently in fastboot and it is showing unlocked fastboot usb. I have been trying to flash recovery (tried many many different things) but i keep getting errors. last being...