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  1. Xeo

    Ultimate Droid V10 (Apps2SD, 360 Rotation, 2 3D Launchers, Built From Source, & MORE)

    If I'm understanding this correctly the Nexttheme in the NFL section is just a fix for that app alone and not the theme right? So if I wanted to change between the ultimate droid and next theme themes I would have to do another install?
  2. Xeo

    ADB/Auto Partition/DroidSwap How-To Guides

    I just checked to make sure I was in the right place, I seem to be but just in case I'm missing something here is a quick capture... Thanks.
  3. Xeo

    ADB/Auto Partition/DroidSwap How-To Guides

    Help, please? I'm having some problems that hopefully someone can help me with. The screen captures provided for steps nine and 10 are different from what I see on my computer. This is what path displays for me before editing it: %CommonProgramFiles%\Microsoft Shared\Windows...