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    ICS 4.0.9 Bluetooth disabled after use

    Does anyone ever heard of a bluetooth problem where Once you turn bluetooth on and later off it will not turn on again until you do a Battery remove and reboot. Rebooting alone does not help. Clearing memory or Optimizing does not work. It does it before the root and after the root. Reloaded...
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    Hi, I'm new to Android but learning fast, can and can't do. I would love to hear about your challenges and victories with the ICS version. Thanks for making this site possible.
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    Text to Speech Pico TTS has no way of accessing Bluetooth

    Is there a different TTS App that will allow you to switch to blue tooth like a call does. The Navigation TTS voice commands should be able to go out through blue tooth but I can't find a setting. When Blue tooth is on, my headset or car set works fine but Navigation voice does not go to the...