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  1. Bigbootyman

    The HTC One is coming! The HTC One is coming!!

    HTC One | Learn more about the HTC One on Verizon Wireless - Verizon Wireless VZW rep reported 8/22/13 as the release date.
  2. Bigbootyman

    4.2 for us?

    I just read in another forum, that a soak test is underway to registered owners of Razr HD, from Mototola.
  3. Bigbootyman

    Smartactions do not activate

    Smart Actions are based on location, correct me if I'm wrong, so your actions are only going to change when your location is updated on you phone. Sometimes this takes a few to many minutes, depending on how often you use your phone. If you leave the screen off, it may not update/sync, until you...
  4. Bigbootyman

    OTA keeps failing to install

    I read somewhere, that you should be on build number 9.8.XX_41. If you're running a leak like I am (leaked build #9.8.1Q_39, others stated 37, etc) then it won't load. I also read that you may need to revert back to ICS, reroot and run the update to JB and then this new one. As much as I'd like...
  5. Bigbootyman

    Repeated pairing between the phone and the car

    Bluetooth Settings Sounds to me like your car may still have a saved and paired slot for your Thunderbolt. I would first try to delete that slot to see if that solves your problem. Good luck.
  6. Bigbootyman

    microphone icon on keyboard gone after JB update

    In my best Yoda: Hmmmm.......still there the microphone is. Not on the keyboard as you would like it, but hidden it is. On the search bar you will find it. Little attention you pay, YES! Enough nerd talk; If you open your Text Message app, you'll notice the mic is there, right? Now, what...
  7. Bigbootyman

    Changing Voice Mail Default

    Well, not on Jelly bean, at least with the stock dialer. I haven't been able to figure out "Speed Dial" on this update. I think they removed it, jerks!! Plenty of 3rd party dialers in the Play Store, though. Can't recommend one, so take your pick.
  8. Bigbootyman

    magnetic dock recognition?

    Actually, the RMHD DOES have magnetic dock recognition. I own both the desk and car docks. I don't know were the magnet in the car dock is located. The desk cradle actually comes with a special "magnetic" charging cord that puts the phone in dock mode. There is no magnet in the desk cradle...
  9. Bigbootyman

    GPS not Locking

    Okay folks, this may sound crazy, but you have to trust me on this; with GPS on, move your phone in a figure 8 for 5-6 rotations. Flip it end over end, just rotate it in every possible direction you can. You may not get a spot on fix, but you should then find yourself within 10-20 feet of where...
  10. Bigbootyman

    Razr HD Docking Station? Is there one avalible?

    Yes it does! you mean the desk stand? I'm not sure what you mean by "flip stand"
  11. Bigbootyman

    Tell me why i should not sell my maxxhd for htc dna

    Okay, let me chime in from an older person's perspective. I've been with Verizon for 21 years. I've had A LOT of phones over that time, most of then Motorola and Samsung. My first plan was $19.95 for 1,000 minutes. HAHA! The Maxx HD is AWESOME and the best phone I've owned so far. I've only...
  12. Bigbootyman

    Putting music on device

    I just plug my phone into my computer and just drag and drop music into the music folder. I have a 64 gig card and I sometimes remove the card and plug it into my computer directly.
  13. Bigbootyman

    if i have disabled something how do i enable it again

    Well, if you are rooted and have Titanium backup installed (you don't have to have a backup of email created), you can "defrost" the app. If you aren't rooted, then I'm afraid that you'll probably need to do a factory reset.
  14. Bigbootyman

    sd card issues

    I don't read many of the posts in here with problems mention that they are properly unmounting the SD Card, BEFORE they are removing them. If you are having a problem, this is more likely the cause, not the phone.
  15. Bigbootyman

    Moving Pics From Card to Phone?

    Sure there is. Use the "Files" app. Select "SD ccard", long press the ones you want, then transfer them to "Device storage". Booyah! Takes about a minute for them to be tranferred. Be careful on your selection though. You can choose to "move" or "copy"
  16. Bigbootyman

    Waiting for my a Droid Razr HD

    DAMMIT! You're right! I ordered the wrong friggen one. Good call Lloyd. Looks like I'll be cancelling/returning that order. Hope the come out with one soon.
  17. Bigbootyman

    home page in center?

    No, it doesn't slow the phone down at all. I think its snappier than the stock launcher.
  18. Bigbootyman

    Waiting for my a Droid Razr HD

    correction SWEET! Zagg does have a screen protector, but they only list it for the Maxx. just bought one for $11.88 withe their promo code. have fun!
  19. Bigbootyman

    home page in center?

    Any new phone's interface will take some adjusting. We all like sameness. I personally like Apex, but it doesn't support stock widgets. The only thing I miss about the stock launcher are the circles, but Fancy Widgets is far more customizable. Apex has gestures that let you control much more of...
  20. Bigbootyman

    home page in center?

    Home screen is kinda like Apples', in the sense that the first screen, is always your home. If you don't like it, get a replacement like Apex or Nova.