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    3500 mAH Extended Life Battery

    3500mAh Battery! Yes, but it does come with its own set of wheels and a folding handle...
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    Your cell phone battery could soon recharge ten times faster

    Better Batteries! I have been in the battery business for 30 years. We will see some great advances in lithium chemistry batteries within the next 5 years, but unfortunately, the articles and news releases most see are experiments done at a university laboratory. There is a big difference...
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    I regret buying the bionic

    I'm Done. OK, this is getting really stupid. I'm participating in a three way conference call, and the Bionic drops the call and freezes up. I go to the VZW store, and buy an iPhone4S (GASP!). I really, really hate to say it, but it works very well. All the same apps I used for business are...
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    It's the network!

    It seems that all of Verizons LTE phones suffer similar data connection problems. Dear Verizon: Your 4G Phones Have Data Connectivity Problems, And It’s Really Pissing Everyone Off
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    To the camera haters....

    The pictures are all of stationary objects. Try taking a picture of your kid's play during a flag football game- the camera lag makes it impossible to get a shot! The quality of the picturews is acceptable, it's the 2 second shutter lag that makes it worthless.
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    Oh Boy! A new Bug!

    Well, maybe a new twist on an old problem. I have a charger pad. When I place my Bionic on the pad to charge the battery, it locks down the data connection so hard that I have to do a battery pull in order to get any connection back at all - even voice. Even the old airplane toggle trick...
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    I regret buying the bionic

    Me Too! At first I thought it was a very good phone. Then after a couple of weeks I realized it started dropping data and voice connections. I had already purchased the lapdock, and the spare battery charger/cradle, so I exchanged it for a new one. This one is exactly the same, if not a...
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    Do I need to return my bionic?

    You need a new watch 85 hrs straight over two days?? No wonder I'm behind at work- my day only lasts 24 hrs.
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    Verizon knows about the bionic's data problem

    Bionic Data Connections My replacement Bionic is also losing data connections and dropping calls regularly, as did the first one. I went into the VZW store, and they showed me a new tech support report that said the Bionic has "marginal" connectivity in both 3G and 4G. A fix is due out the...
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    I went to the VZW stor today with this complaint- they looked up the tech report and it is a known issue called "marginal connectivity" with 4G and 3G on the Bionic. Supposed to be a fix early November.
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    Bionic keeps crashing

    How do you get into the sys log to see what's crashing?
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    Extra battery and charging cradle

    Bionic Battery Charger Cradle The VZW stores carry them- I forget how much it was, but it handles both the standard and the extended battery. Also has a little micro USB dongle so you can charge the Bionic at the same time.
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    Bionic LapDock Impressions

    Bluetooth mouse works great.
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    Bionic LapDock Impressions

    I got the LapDock, and it is really convenient to answer lengthy emails in airports, etc. It boots up and turns of in a heartbeat. It isn't intended to be a netbook (well maybe, but its not), but for browsing the web with Firefox, and doing emails it is great.
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    4g repeater?

    Voice calls are not really 4G- only data is. I have a Wilson booster in my P/U truck. It picks up the signal from a passive phone antenna in a cradle, and boosts it to 3 watts. Works great. Wilson's boosters are 3G-but for voice who cares? VZW also sells a network extender- I have one in my...
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    Extra battery and charging cradle

    The VZW stores carry them. It comes with an extra standard battery too. You can charge the spare, and it also has a mini USB dongle so you can charge the Bionic at the same time (great for overnight charges while traveling)
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    Is Bionic Battery Life Really This Abysmal??

    Dead twice in a row I've had the Bionic for a little over a week- first week was very impressive battery life; all day no probs. Not great battery life, but better than expected. This weekend I put the phone on my desk with the battery at 80%. I came back about two hours later and the phone...