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  1. bhall238

    messaging backgrounds

    I just found out about this by accident today. Another neat feature.
  2. bhall238

    Contacts Help

    Anther way is to go to the contacts list and go to one of the dulpicates. select the "g" under Connection (with the chain links symbol), then at the bottom click on the "Join another contact", and select the contact to be merged with. I had several where it looked at the phone number and the...
  3. bhall238

    Newbie S Voice question

    I am very happy with my Samsung Galaxy S3. Coming from a Droid OG, HTC Thunderbolt background; I like this one the best. There is a lot different from my past experiences with Android phones. In fact at first I had thought most of my contacts had been lost when I knew I had backed everything...
  4. bhall238

    Screen protectors?

    I used to swear by Zagg. After carrying the phone in my pocket for a day or two, the corners started not adhering very well. I went through the replacement process and can say they are very good about it. However when I recently noticed another corner starting to come up a little, I pulled...
  5. bhall238

    Samsung announces LTE version of Galaxy S II

    This is the phone I want next. I sure hope it comes to Verizon, I don't care what they call it, just as long as the specs are "almost identical" I think I'll be happy.
  6. bhall238

    [Rumor] Samsung Roadmap Leaked: Samsung GT-I9250 Ice Cream Sandwich Phone & More

    I agree, Motorola waited too long. What kind of time frame do you think we are looking at on some of these phones from Samsung?
  7. bhall238

    HTC planning a "major news announcement" for tomorrow morning

    This is the "major" announcement? Talk about misusing words, this is a "major" disappointment.
  8. bhall238

    [NEW GAME] Solar Defence

    I will be trying this again and thanks for your reply and continued work on this game.
  9. bhall238

    Thunderbolt Bug Fixing Update Tonight

    Can't edit, but wanted to add I'm very happy my Verizon works now. I use it to stay on top of usage :).
  10. bhall238

    Thunderbolt Bug Fixing Update Tonight

    Is it my imagination or does the Thunderbolt seem faster since the update?
  11. bhall238

    World War Recruit Codes!!!

    USA - NDABYP Several times a day player....
  12. bhall238

    HTC Thunderbolt update coming June 30th?

    No auto spacing between words, no auto caps for beginning of sentences.... Never had a problem on my MOTO Droid. There was a thread where people had to download older versions to get it to work on the Thunderbolt. I uninstalled (again) and returned to stock keyboard; it's not that bad.
  13. bhall238

    HTC Thunderbolt update coming June 30th?

    I agree with all you said. Let's not forget about Swype not working correctly on the TB as well.
  14. bhall238

    [NEW GAME] Solar Defence

    I like these kinds of games, thanks for the heads up. Downloaded the free version first. Edited: Well I tried to install it; what's Adobe Air and why do I need it? This is the only game I have tried that needs this.
  15. bhall238

    World War Recruit Codes!!!

    Wow, I need to camp for a while I guess, I'm level 34 and my income is only 3 Mil. My code is NDABYP.
  16. bhall238

    Stupid zombies

    It was free yesterday on the Amazon App store, sorry I didn't see this in time.
  17. bhall238

    mysterious icon

    dancedroidThank you very much jka. That was it. Isn't it amazing that the Verizon store employees had no clue about that? I did a search in the PDF of the manual for the Thunderbolt and nothing came up, but still.... While I was waiting for "help" I looked at the new Samsung, the Charge I...
  18. bhall238

    mysterious icon

    I didn't even know there was a hearing aide function. Nothing shows up in the settings, or in the mamnual; can it be turned off?
  19. bhall238

    mysterious icon

    I hope this works. Please tell me what the icon is to the left. Sent from my ADR6400L using DroidForums
  20. bhall238

    mysterious icon

    I will try that route when I get home tonight. Thanks.