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    HTC EVO 3D Saves Man's Life From a Bullet; HTC Replaces it With Brand New HTC One

    Better pictures of the life saving phone: I've shot an Acer Iconia A500 and a Galaxy Nexus with a .22LR (HV), 9mm, and .40S&W all from from a fair distance (propped up on a hill, not in a vice). All the rounds passed through them like butter. Whatever caliber the robber was using had to have...
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    LG G Flex May be Name of First LG Curved Display Device

    Looks like my old Samsung Galaxy Nexus.
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    HTC One on Verizon Launch Moved Back to August 15th

    I'm not disagreeing with you. I'm saying that's part of the problem. You're right. Verizon has no obligation to release a product, but in this case, they still are. Why is Verizon even bothering to release the phone at this point, especially given the track record? The HTC One has been out for a...
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    HTC One on Verizon Launch Moved Back to August 15th

    Oh, I'm not letting HTC off without fault. They make some poor choices when it comes to cutting features. However, Verizon fails time and time again to capitalize on any positive buzz HTC has going for it. Verizon is constantly behind the curve, HTC, Motorola, or otherwise. The One, for example...
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    HTC One on Verizon Launch Moved Back to August 15th

    And by the time it comes out, it will be "last gen", but Verizon will still blame HTC for not being able to deliver quality phones, thus offering less HTC phones in the future. Good job, Verizon. You're very good at doing everything wrong. Why can't I leave you? :(
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    [Follow-Up] Samsung Denies Allegations of SGS4 Benchmark Manipulation

    I'm wondering why this matters? If the GPU is capable of it, I'm sure apps can be written to take advantage of it. Just because the benchmark is the only one at this time, doesn't make the results any more invalid than any other benchmark. Furthermore, on the mobile side, ROMs have been...
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    Sprint Officially Announces New Carrier Plans and Unlimited Guarantee

    Before anyone freaks out, the line that reads: should simply end in $110. It was copied and pasted from a site that used a small 3 to direct you to fine print that says "The Sprint Unlimited Guarantee does not apply to capped data use options." So no, It's not a $1103 plan. Those kind of...
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    Asus Cube (GoogleTV Device) Goes Up for Preorder on NewEgg for $139

    I wish I could find some useful hardware specs on it. Processor, memory, chipset, anything. All any site mentions is HDMI and the remote's features. My Logitech Revue left a lot to be desired hardwarewise, and if I could replace it with something (anything) better, I would be much happier with...
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    More LG Optimus G Pro Pics & Specs Leak; Full HD, 3140 mAh battery & microSD

    Stick a Samsung logo over the LG logo, and you have a perfect leaked photo of a new Galaxy device. Right down to the home and capacative buttons.
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    Verizon Galaxy S3 Flashable Modem Only for Leaked VRBMA2

    Don't you mean S3? Flashing this on Note2 would be bad. EDIT: Thanks for fixing the title. If I hadn't seen the i535 mentioned in the link instead of i605, I might have tried flashing the modem on my Note 2. I can only imagine if people were less observant than I.
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    [Deal Alert] EA's Dead Space Now Available in Google Play Store for a Dollar (Not)

    Same here. Both on phone and online. Was it a short hour long sale or something? If so, lame. I got excited.
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    Galaxy Camera Confirmed for Verizon according to Samsung

    If this were a phone, and not just an internet enabled camera, I might consider it (or consider getting it for my photographer girlfriend). As it stands now...what's the point? It's filling a very strange niche market.
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    Tech Out of IFA: Samsung Debuts the Galaxy Camera with Crazy Specs & Jelly Bean

    I can't help but feel that I'd be slightly more interested if it had phone capabilities.
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    Samsung Galaxy S3 + Fruit Ninja + REAL Knife = Crazy?

    Maybe I'm confused as to what kind of touchscreen the SIII uses, but how is a capacative screen being activated with a knife? I just tried keys, knives, and scissors, and non will interact with my Nexus' screen. EDIT: Cancel that. I guess certain metal does interact with my touchscreen (albeit...
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    [Update] GSM Samsung Galaxy S III is Too Hot to Handle; Literally Catches Fire

    Looking at the teardown (Samsung Galaxy S III Teardown - iFixit) it's hard to even imagine what might have caught fire in that area, especially considering it wasn't plugged in. Obviously, I can see parts in that general area, but since they aren't significant enough to mention in...
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    [Update] Verizon's New Family Data Plans Begin: It's Called the Share Everything Plan

    Before it gets lost in my rambling post, this needs emphasis: For any family plans with more than 2 phones, the new "per phone" cost completely negates the point of being able to drop the additional data packages. An additional smartphone alone now costs the same amount as an additional...
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    ROM Maneger Get Visual Update

    I don't mind the change, but it could use some smaller icons and smaller fonts (or an option for such). I kinda feel like I enabled a vision impaired mode by mistake. In my opinion, the titles should fit on one line when viewed in portrait mode.
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    Motorola acknowledges some ATRIX 4Gs have call quality issues, searching for a cure

    Just so everyone is aware, the mute issue wasn't the only issue with Droid. There was also an issue with the noise cancelling microphone being too sensitive, so it was cancelling out the voice of the talker as well (thereby making them sound muffled, far away, or in a hole). There were simple...
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    Wirefly Pre-Order for HTC Thunderbolt Live and Cheaper

    When you go to order the phone from Wirefly, there are options to renew existing accounts/family plans. Just be sure to double check the text/data packages before you submit the order, because Wirefly will try to upsell those by selecting the more expensive options automatically.
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    Wirefly Pre-Order for HTC Thunderbolt Live and Cheaper

    I pay for a family plan so that my Mom, Dad, and Grandma can have cheap phones in case of emergency. Verizon lets me do an upgrade exchange to upgrade my phone more often. Problem is, there's no option to do this through Wirefly. I was going to roll the dice, order it for their line, then swap...