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  1. jcrain712

    Froyo 2.2: After Install, No Phone nor Contacts Applications!

    I am having the same problem but i just have the 2.2 not the froyo.
  2. jcrain712

    Different Market

    o no sry i didnt specif, we both have never rooted our **** and were both runnin the same home setup, i got my right when it first came out and he got his about a month ago.
  3. jcrain712

    Different Market

    I was lookin at my buddys droid and in his market there are alot more live wallpaper then my market has, on example is that he can get the Shake Them All live app and its not in my market. Does anyone know why this is?
  4. jcrain712

    Screenshots of peoples Droid desktops?

    yea 67 is the degrees and the phone is the corner is screebl lite, it keeps the backlight on if the phone is tilted. its great.
  5. jcrain712

    xbox 360 and droid

    when i had my iphone all i had to do was plug in the usb from the xbox to the iphone and go to the music player on the xbox and listen to my iphone music while i pawn noob in cod, but when i plug my droid in and mount it there isnt an option to listen to my droid music.
  6. jcrain712

    Screenshots of peoples Droid desktops?

    my current setup
  7. jcrain712

    xbox 360 and droid

    has anyone found out a way to play music on your droid while playing xbox 360? thats the one thing i miss about my iphone :(
  8. jcrain712

    Droid Live wallpaper skater droid

    does anyone know where i can find this live wallpaper? it looks sweet."]YouTube - Droid-Skater Live-Wallpaper - Android
  9. jcrain712

    What was that app called..

    Bango. thanks so much
  10. jcrain712

    What was that app called..

    Yea wallpaper. I had it before just forgot what its called
  11. jcrain712

    What was that app called..

    The one where you can have multiple background of your own pictures and it changes ever 30 seconds or so?
  12. jcrain712

    Here's how I ruined my first Droid

    I did not use water on my screen protector and my phone did not get ruined. You sure you need to use water? sounds like a bad idea
  13. jcrain712

    New Droid does pic...

    epic pic.. good job
  14. jcrain712

    This is Android's Best Game!

    this was my favorite game on my iphone, so glad to see it on my droid now!! great find!
  15. jcrain712

    What a Great App

    Sweet! thanks!
  16. jcrain712

    What a Great App

    Where do you go on ringdroid for the alarm?
  17. jcrain712

    Delete video taking on droid

    Hey guys does anyone know how to delete video that you have recorded and saved to your droid? Thanks!
  18. jcrain712

    How to get "End Call" to go right to home screen?

    i have this app but im not real sure on what exactly it does. Can someone explain please :) thanks!
  19. jcrain712

    Looking for Email app

    yea k-9 would never work for me so i uninstalled it. Anyother apps for my yahoo account?
  20. jcrain712


    Hey guys new to the droid, its awesome so far! but i just found out the my girlfriends env3 charger works for my droid to. Has anyone else found other phone chargers that work with the droid? or is this old news? ha.