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  1. baniels

    Network down? -

    I noticed some 1x and even no data for a bit this afternoon. I'm in Fairfield - SE corner of Iowa. It's working at the moment.
  2. baniels

    New ICS Leak for Bionic

    My god - someone please post a mirror.
  3. baniels

    Bionic LapDock Impressions

    How is it that this thread has ZERO pictures?
  4. baniels

    Otterbox do I get it off?

    Which one do you have? In either case, can you post some pictures?
  5. baniels

    POP Email shows up on Bionic even after being deleted off my PC

    Do you have IMAP enabled on the server? That might be worth trying and forget POP altogether.
  6. baniels

    POP Email shows up on Bionic even after being deleted off my PC

    POP doesn't work that way. IMAP does.
  7. baniels

    How close are we to overclocking?

    I haven't noticed any kind of latency to improve with overclocking. It's plenty fast stock. But to answer your question, I would guess < 1 month.
  8. baniels

    Front Facing VGA Camera-

    I'ts working for me in gtalk and the camera app. Haven't installed skype yet, but noticed in the market that Skype doesn't list the Bionic as a video chat supported device yet.
  9. baniels

    Webtop without accessories?

    It would be nice. At least they have the $40 option for us normal people that already have a laptop and don't need the big one.
  10. baniels

    Google Voice not Working

    Yes, but I experienced the same thing with other phones as well. But if your call forwarding is already setup it works just fine.
  11. baniels

    poor quality musical instr. apps

    Good story.
  12. baniels

    Music Player

    If I understand what you are saying correctly, there is a program called AndLess that might work for you. It uses folders rather than tags to browse your music. It also plays FLAC audio files.
  13. baniels

    X'ers from original Droids

    I had the D1 from last December until a day after the release of the X. I never once have thought of going back to the D1. I see it everyday as it is now my wife's phone, but it really doesn't hold a candle to the X. I was very avid with flashing the latest and greatest on the D1 for a while...
  14. baniels

    Having gotten my phone wet, I need a repair site.

    Here is a good thread.
  15. baniels

    OK Got Froyo but now no network???!!

    Not for me. Not for others.
  16. baniels

    Problems accessing market

    I think there is a global or semi-global issue.
  17. baniels

    OK Got Froyo but now no network???!!

    Lots of people are having market issues. Wait it out a bit.
  18. baniels

    Best K-9 Settings for GMAIL

    Because his non-gmail mail server has a very limited capacity. His only choice with that is POP, and he is better off using IMAP so he can have better continuity between Outlook and the phone. And his messages are safe rather than sitting on his harddrive. I have his email forwarded to his...
  19. baniels

    Best K-9 Settings for GMAIL

    Ok - interesting. I use [Gmail] instead of putting in the typical IMAP server settings that I would use in Outlook?
  20. baniels

    Best K-9 Settings for GMAIL

    I need to setup K-9 on my Dad's Droid. I won't have the opportunity to tweak it, and I'm hoping I can get some advice before I do it. He has two gmail accounts. One of which is a shell account for another custom domain email. Since the native Gmail app isn't smart enough to allow for a...