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    Cell standby using half the battery?

    Make sure where ever you are leaving your phone has good cell reception.
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    *looks at phone* I can see the Hummer reference. But whatever, I don't care what Jobs says. He is there is sell a product which I am currently not interested in.
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    I'm having an issue with the Internet browser...

    Well, I dunno. Just restored the browser to default and it's still doing it.
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    I'm having an issue with the Internet browser...

    After clearing the cache the same problem occurs but with a newer refresh of the forum. Every time I click back I get the same cached copy of the page. Even when after I refresh, as soon as I click a link then hit back, the same cached copy displays.
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    I'm having an issue with the Internet browser...

    I post a lot on another forum. Every time I view a post and then hit back to return to the main page, the browser displays an old cached version of the forum from the first time I viewed the page this morning. So every single time I return to the main page I have to refresh the page. Anyone...
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    Any X shortages?

    My Best Buy in San Jose got 15 phones for 16 pre-orders.
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    Is the X truly a "pocket" phone?

    I'm 5'10" and wearing standard jeans. Right now my Droid X is comfortably sitting in my left front pocket along with a pack of cigs.
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    Anyone considering the Droid 2 now?

    Well, back on topic. As a matter of form factor I'd rather have the larger yet slimmer DX than the smaller but thicker D2.
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    I got the call from Best Buy....

    I have an appointment to pick up my Droid X on the 15th. Anyone else?
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    Main improvements Droid X offers?

    If it were me I'd do what I could to jump cheaply from the Droid to the Droid X. If the rumors are true (and they are just rumors) then Android 3.0 will not support smartphones with less than a 1Ghz cpu and 512 megs of RAM. Which means Android 2.2 will likely be the last major update for the...
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    Droid X Presales Resume

    I don't get why your pissed. No one is guaranteed to get a phone. I'm #1 on the list at my local store and I'm not guaranteed to get a phone.
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    Droid X's screen is second only to iPhone 4

    I can live with that. Sure it's a close second for display quality but the Droid's increased screen size makes it a winner in my book.
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    Is the X a 1-2 year phone???

    Don't try to keep up with technology. It's a never ending battle and in the end technology will win.
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    Verizon steering people waiting for the Incredible to the Droid X...

    Verizon asks Droid Incredible buyers to get Droid X instead | Electronista Article says it may be because Verizon is about to pull the plug on the Incredible. I'm not sure. At least in my area here in Cali Verizon has just starting heavily promoting the Incredible in TV and radio ads. Why do...
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    Are you guys going to get the 32 gig deal?

    $100 for 16 more gigs of storage. I'll pass and put the money towards my next Netbook.
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    Google Maps Droid X layer?

    I put "Droid X" into Google Maps and it came back with "did you mean 3965 Jackson Rd, Modesto, CA 95358". I dunno, maybe there is one there.
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    Droid X pre-order from Best Buy

    This is exactly what Best Buy is doing. The rep I spoke with said they didn't know how many phones they were going to get but they are going to just go down the list until they are all gone.
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    Droid X IS running MotoBlur

    Cool, thanks.
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    Incredible vs. X

    The X is not ground breaking or game changing compared to the Incredible. I'd argue it's slightly better but if I already had an Incredible I'd probably stick with it and wait.
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    Droid X IS running MotoBlur

    I'm a n00b so sorry for the dumb question. If blur is on the phone but is hidden out of site, what's the big deal? I understand that people hated the old blur but if on the Droid X it's behind the scenes, so what?