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    [GAME] Last post wins

  2. thaDroidz

    Rooted Razr Maxx Black wallpaper and notification bar. Help!

    If your still on stock rom you probably will need to use Matty's root tool to load the ota jellybean again. If you know what files were changed then you could simply grab those from some one and reload. Or just try one of the many custom roms
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    Razr Maxx vs. Raxr Maxx HD

    Got my daughter the HD Maxx. Its nice.. The question is... is it worth the $200 and another 2 yrs to you? And possibly loosing unlimited data, if you got it like she did...
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    Dial up speeds...

    What? They told you to 228... that does no good on these phones, thunking if I remember right that 228 is a no no on these phones because of the sim cards. Try getting them to replace your sim card with a new one.
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    Jelly Bean and Battery Life

    Ads in notification must becoming from an installed app. I never get them, unless I download a "free" app then if they start I remove that app.
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    help with RAZR M

    Not to add insult, but the razr HD or the original razr should have been what you got instead of the m... the m is a stripped down version without the micro hdmi port. This is one reason its cheaper than the rest.
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    [GAME] Last post wins

    Capturing the win from the princess! ?
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    Report your Jellybean experience

    is motocast working on the OTA? I did factory reset and still get force close while setting up motocast..
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    [GAME] Last post wins

    "I" anything not allowed on android forums. Win me!
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    most roms and such are developed for the verizon setups..
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    are you on verizon in the USA?
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    Got my Razr Maxx today. SWEET

    I think verizon will give you a sim card. just go to the nearest store and tell them you need it.
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    Switching phones - back and forth dx to razr maxx

    if you dont like ics is jelly bean going to be that much better? yes you can switch back and forth as much as you need and wont lose your data, the only thing you would lose is the insurance or extended warranty if you are paying it through verizon
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    Battlefield 3 on ps3

    I don't play much! Lol
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    Whatcha up too?

    Not buying any assault rifles...:(
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    voicemail icon stuck

    Are you using Google voicemail to check messages or the carrier voicemail. On my razor if I check with Google it doesn't clear the stock voicemail notification ..
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    root on jellybean upgrade???

    jellybean 3 months ago on the razr maxx?
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    Jelly Bean Update Failed

    I was awakened at 330am to an update notification. I am rooted with frozen bloat so it failed instantly. ----posted MAXXED OUT WITH dessert----
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    Maxx Shuts Off by itself - False Low Battery?

    How long do you estimate before it dies? Is it hours after a charge or days? ----posted MAXXED OUT WITH dessert----
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    [GAME] Last post wins

    Back fo tha win! Merry Christmas all! Happy Hanukkah if you shall desire.. Feliz navida... (yeah I sure that's not spelt rate) ----posted MAXXED OUT WITH dessert----