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    The Geek Spy

    I mean that it wouldn't be easy for a defendant to prove that something nefarious had happened. Sent from my SM-N910V using Tapatalk
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    The Geek Spy

    I don't know about easily. It would be on the defendant to prove it at that point and it wouldn't be cheap. There are issues as well with proving what storage type the data had been stored on. It's very questionable and it's not something Geek Squad techs should be getting paid to assist in...
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    The Geek Spy

    It also opens the door to all kinds of other things. We saw people walking away from Evernote because their privacy practices changed and made it so that technically any employee could see any document on their servers. What if you had an enemy even at the state or local level who could pay them...
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    The Geek Spy

    Read the article. It says that the FBI had to falsify records about how they'd obtained the information. Sent from my SM-N910V using Tapatalk
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    The Geek Spy

    I really don't understand the point on bringing the information to light in an illegal manner only to have it tossed out in court. What they did and how they did it seems very questionable, on top of getting paid bounties that encourage illegal methods. It would be the same as defending...
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    Samsung Is Confident They Have Found The Cause Of The Note 7 Fires.

    So extra processes constantly eating up RAM and CPU power has zero to do with the extra lag on Android devices? Not buying that for a moment. Both hardware and software side issues cause Android issues, and carrier bloat is doing nothing to lessen that, especially because the carriers by no...
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    Samsung Is Confident They Have Found The Cause Of The Note 7 Fires.

    I'm not going to give up the out of the box features and functionality that Samsung offers to avoid that, it simply would be a nice change. And you're quite wrong: Apple absolutely keeps all that carrier garbage off of their devices. Strangely enough, they seem to have smother overall...
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    Samsung Is Confident They Have Found The Cause Of The Note 7 Fires.

    None of them are even remotely comparable to Samsung in terms of the revenue they help bring to wireless providers. The point is that they have the clout to stop it, but they cater to carriers and not consumers. Sent from my SM-N910V using Tapatalk
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    Samsung Is Confident They Have Found The Cause Of The Note 7 Fires.

    Eh, Toyota, Ford, etc, barely saw hits after having issues that killed people. A tech company can easily survive this. Samsung makes amazing devices, and as a complete package no one else really matches them. If they'd get a backbone and stop allowing carriers to add bloat they'd pretty much be...
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    The Mate 9 By Huawei Looks Just Like The Note 7

    All I think every time I see the the Pixel or see someone praising it. It's not $800 worth of device. As to the topic, if this phone had it's own stylus and suite of apps it would definitely pique my interest. It looks quite well.
  11. MissionImprobable

    Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Officially Announced; Full Specs, Release Date & More

    The Edge screen is going to cause me touch issues and with no Exynos, despite its superior performance and having seen it adapted to work on the LTE S6, as well as only 4 gigs of RAM I can make it another year on my Note 4. One more year for me to enjoy my IR blaster :cool:. It's nice and all...
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    iOS 9.3 Beta Code Hints At No Headphone Jack For The iPhone 7

    I'd guess is generally not for the sake of making the phone thinner but as it'sslightly easier to integrate the circuitry. We discussed this in another thread in regards to some other new devices. Anyway, it's still strange to me that it's all the tech sites, where innovation is always a...
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    Verizon Drops The Axe! Will Disconnect Unlimited Data Users Using Extraordinary Amounts Of Data!

    For those who try to use their unlimited for constant tethering and such I see nothing wrong with cutting the cord, but the data rates ate honestly ridiculous in general, all the more so with the number of data-hungry apps that VZ pushes with devices. Google syncs backups, and then VZ recommends...
  14. MissionImprobable

    How do we get back to "normal" sized phones?

    Art and Drawing programs, photo editing, taking notes for certain lectures and presentations, and recently for making flow charts and process diagrams. There are some really great programs out there for all of the above. It's also nice for things like signing pdfs and such. It's one reason that...
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    Galaxy Note 7 Guaranteed To Break The Bank! Price Tag Confirmed!

    Not even about that life. They can keep it at that price. It makes no sense for there to be that much of a price creep from year to year.
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    HummingBad Android Malware Running On 10 Million Devices

    Wonder how it gets around the permission authorization in MM.
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    Verizon is Rolling Out Marshmallow to the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (Finally)

    Alrighty, I did a full factory reset and all that jazz, but the phone still gets sluggish and then resets. Really not sure what the issue is as RAM usage is much lower than before.
  18. MissionImprobable

    Verizon is Rolling Out Marshmallow to the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (Finally)

    Settings>Sound and notifications>Application notifications and then select Textra and make sure it has permissions to show them, etc. I'm guessing it's the same for Tapatalk.
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    New Rear Notification LED Ring Coming To Samsung Devices

    As long as it can be turned off it's fine. My led never bothers me at night, and I keep my phone face up to see if anything new has come in. Also, as long as it's handled the right way. The white flashing led on iPhones is ridiculously annoying.
  20. MissionImprobable

    Turn Your Apps Black With The Team Black Out App!

    It amazes me how few apps there are that have this feature natively.