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    How do a drop a call if 2 are active?

    Not a conference call, but two separate calls. I can swap calls, but if i hang up on one caller, they both drop. How do I drop just one? (I know the answer is right in front of me, but I do not see it.)
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    My Tracks from Google
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    Galaxy S4, what Lag is everyone talking about....

    I have stock SG4. I turned off air view, smart screen and Google now and have NO lag. This thing is a monster! Battery life is awesome.
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    after the hype

    awesome. No lag, stock with BW live wall paper running, but turned off all the gestures and Google now. Batter life fasntastic.
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    any problem charging S4 with Motorola charger?

    My moto charger has been working fine on my S4, Keep it in the office a a spare.
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    Motorola Never Again

    Glad that you were happy with your Bionic. I followed this forum very closely and learned a lot about new apps, features, etc. I also learned that many had the same problems I have. Many pointed out that the only way out was to root and use another ROM. Sorry, but I should not have to...
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    Motorola Never Again

    18 Months of Bionic First 6 months switching between 3G, 4G and wi fi non-functional ICS update causes lag, hot phone and low battery life JB update makes it worse Just got an S4 it is Nirvana Motorola Never Again
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    force rotate of home screen shows partial

    I am using "rotate" widget. Does not show a full screen, leaves out the bottom 1/3. (worked on Bionic) Any other good tool for this, no root?
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    Is it just me...

    Agreed, the lag on ICS and Jelly Bean is unbearable. Did factory reset. Got bad agin. Verizon is slow on getting HTC ONE, so I am stuck for awhile. I think Motorola did a bad job on the JB and ICS ports
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    App to sort apps and processes by used memory and cpu

    I need a free app to sort apps and processes by used memory and cpu. I used to have one, was it spare parts? Anyway, i need to find out what app is eating my bionic. Thanks.
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    Beaut Widgets update, where did the transparent clock/weather home go?

    Yes. A lot of work. Find theme, dowload, make transparent, rinse , repeat until you get the look that you want. Would have been easier if he has saved our settings!
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    Beaut Widgets update, where did the transparent clock/weather home go?

    Beaut Widgets update, where did the transparent clock/weather home go? The one that goes over the live weather wallpaper. Update clobbered everything.
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    freaking calendar

    Jorte does not recognize phone numbers in conference call format. Had to go back to stock.
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    Headphone and mic combo for phone calls?

    Does the Bionic support a Headphone and mic combo for phone calls?
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    ICS notifies of wi-fi available even when I turn wi-fi off

    when I know there is no secure wi-fi available that I want to connect to, I turn it off. ICS still detects it. Previous version did not do this. Seems like a waste of battery.
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    ICS Still does not rotate home screen

    ICS Still does not rotate home screen. Why not? After update (took 2 hours to convert media files, I have lots of music on sd card), everything okay. Not sure what the big deal about ICS is, have had Launcher pro forever and this new native home seems no better. Now I still need to go to...
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    Launcher Pro and ICS

    I should be getting the ICS OTA soon. I have not moved off launcher pro. I like it, but kept it mainly so home screen could rotate docked in the car. I hate the auto home screen. Since Launcer no longer has support, is the native home improved? That is my first choice as I do not want to...
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    Anyone that HAD data dropping issues that were actally FIXED by updates?

    When streaming Sirius or Pandora, the hand offs, especially 4G to 3G and back, would stop my music stream or even make me restart the application. I had no LTE problems when I was not traveling, except for the times VZ had a regional hiccup. 905 seems to have improved this hand off while...
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    Turn off car mode??

    I use tasker also. You can have it take control when docked, instead of that ugly car doc.