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  1. SnoDrtRider

    Motorola Droid MAXX 3 and Droid Turbo 3 Coming! [Rumor]

    My point exactly.... The only good thing VZW has done for me recently was to set me up with a 12GB data plan for $40 less a month than I was paying for my 4GB plan.
  2. SnoDrtRider

    Motorola Droid MAXX 3 and Droid Turbo 3 Coming! [Rumor]

    I am still on my Ultra Maxx which was never updated to Lollipop as was first promised. I will keep this phone until it dies and NEVER buy a Verizion phone again even though I love the Droid line which I have had since the OG Droid. Between slow update schedules and cancelling promised updates...
  3. SnoDrtRider

    Code Black Drone Giveaway!

    On Verizon been on Verizon for over 15 years... Happy... why change?
  4. SnoDrtRider

    Update coming?

    Word is we will likely get L due to the fact that MotoX is getting it and we share the same architecture. But that will be awhile off for sure.
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    New update rolling out to testers.

    The last update in December that bricked some phones was a major OS change from JB to KK I think that is why some phones bricked. I received the soak without issue but I was very patient and did not touch the phone until it was done completely booting and had settled in. IIRC that update was a...
  6. SnoDrtRider

    Best BT Headset for MAXX?

    I have been using the Motorola Sliver for a few years now both with my Droid Razr and with my Droid Max works great just don't get it wet. I have sent two back and had them replaced under warranty because I got caught in the rain (I am a contractor) and forgot I had it in/on my ear. The first...
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    Migrating from Razr to Droid Maxx

    That is what the Migrate app does except it does it on it's own adhoc wifi network so the data stays right in your living room not sent to the cloud. You can actually get a head start by downloading the app to your Razr from Play so it will be on your old phone already.
  8. SnoDrtRider

    Droid Maxx Dock

    The Razr and Razr Maxx used the same dock you just needed to remove the spacer that comes in the dock and the Razr Maxx would have fit IF you weren't using a case. I had the Regular Razr with a case and removed the spacer and the Razr in the case fit. I haven't used the charger with the dock...
  9. SnoDrtRider

    Droid Maxx Dock

    What did you open that connector with a chainsaw? :icon_eek: What power adapter are you using in the lighter socket? I make sure I get one rated to do tablets to be sure I have enough power to my dock. Some power cords/adapters are only .500 to .750w I use a 2w lighter plug with a USB cable.
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    Droid Maxx Dock

    Here is what I did since I can't find a dock I like.
  11. SnoDrtRider

    Droid Maxx Dock

    The cable does not turn on dock mode... it works with a magnet like all Droids have since the OG Droid. I can put a magnet on the back of my Maxx and enable the car or desk dock mode depending on where the magnet is placed.
  12. SnoDrtRider

    Droid Maxx Dock

    Update Just posted this on G+ Maxx page Griffin Made 4 Moto Car Dock... Don't bother! Just received the dock not an hour ago and inserted the phone. car mode started up as promised and the home screens switched to landscape mode just like with the Razr. I was not impressed with how difficult...
  13. SnoDrtRider

    developer mode

    The main thing I do in Dev Controls is turn on the control that keeps the screen from turning off while charging. If you use navigation it is a must do.
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    Droid Maxx Dock

    Just got my Maxx and ordered a Holster Case because that what I have for my two year old Razr and it still looks new when I take the case off. Problem is I also ordered the Griffin car dock since it is the "official" dock for the phone. Only thing good is I got both virtually free because I...
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    [Rumor] New X Phone Rumors Suggest Crazy Specs and November Launch

    Hmm... November release... Just in time for my contract renewal.
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    How to Root the Motorola Droid 4 (XT894) running Android 4.0.4

    I thought I had clicked on the wrong forum for a second!
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    AT&T & Verizon Selling Your Personal Data to Advertisers; Here's a Method to Stop it

    Opted out on VZW... when they start the "New Every Two" program again and I get a new phone every two years for each of my 4 lines I might allow them to collect info.
  18. SnoDrtRider

    Lapdock 500 Webtop 3.0 Tips & Tricks

    I put a bunch of photos on an SD card to try on my Lapdock and it was a PITA but I did find them... sorry I just don't remember what I did to locate them. Using a USB drive works much better/easier IMO.
  19. SnoDrtRider

    New battery accessary

    You don't take apart your phone with that... it just snaps on with the plug you see going into the usb/charging port to transfer the power from the pack to the phone.
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    What am I missing about ICS and WebTop 3.0?

    I never used Webtop before the 3.0 beta that was in the ICS leaks so I can't comment on the differences between pre and post 3.0 but I like the interface on my Lapdock 500 except for the trackpad so I use a wireless USB mouse. I have used different browsers on my Windows laptops and desktops...