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    Taking Phone to Store

    My phone has been constantly rebooting itself multiple times a day. In fact, it just happened as I was typing this. What will happen when I take it to the Verizon store? Will they replace it? I got the phone a couple days after it came out, so it should probably still be in warranty? If not I...
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    Swype Beta Problems

    I have no idea what that means, but I guess I can try new things with it. As long as it won't void my warranty or mess with my insurance on it?
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    Swype Beta Problems

    Yes, version It came preloaded on the phone.
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    Swype Beta Problems

    My only options when I select Swype are to force stop or cancel, but it doesn't allow you to select cancel and that's where the uninstall thing is on the other apps.
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    Swype Beta Problems

    How do I uninstall Swype? Sorry, I'm not very familiar with Android.
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    Swype Beta Problems

    I downloaded the Swype Beta Installer and everything was going well, until I reached the step where you have to disable the old Swype. It says to uncheck the box next to Swype, however there is no check and I cannot find a way to disable it. The next step would be to "Generate License" but it...
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    Verizon SMS Alerts to Help You Manage Your Tiered Data Plan Usage

    T-Mobile has been advertising their unlimited plans and I checked Sprint's website a couple of days ago and they still offer unlimited.
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    Sent times on text messages

    Same Problem I wondered about this, too. I might download another messaging app to see if that will fix it. I'll let you know how it goes!
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    Missing Apps in Market and LED Light Problems

    This is my first Android phone, coming from an iPhone 4. I've attempted to download several apps that friends have suggested or I've come across online, however they were nowhere to be found in the market. Is my market outdated? What else could be the problem? Another issue that I'm...