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  1. Nyteravyn

    Galaxy Note 2 waiting Lounge

    Best buy will price match this instantly and in stock
  2. Nyteravyn


    Thanks guys, it appears to be an issue with my laptop. My netbook is running Kies just fine...
  3. Nyteravyn


    Has anyone else had kies fail after the latest update? It won't even boot up....
  4. Nyteravyn

    Galaxy Note 2 waiting Lounge

    I am right there with you brother
  5. Nyteravyn

    My GS3 Won't Let Me Check For Updates

    Have you tried a factory reset yet?
  6. Nyteravyn

    some contacts in text app are blue. Why?

    there messages have yet to be opened
  7. Nyteravyn

    otterbox now in stock

    I'm the same but I think the few times I need the upper left I can live with... there is no other case that has the same minimal bulk for the same protection that would provide a better fit, and incipio is a lesser version of the same. Should lifeproof make one I'd change til then it's the...
  8. Nyteravyn

    what's the different beetween sgs3 verizon version and 'just' sgs3?

    With the 1 click relock it is a moot point :-)
  9. Nyteravyn

    Turn off shutter sound?

    Thank you very much voice guy in response and detail! I hope I can return the favor sometime, cheers!
  10. Nyteravyn

    Should I consider dumping my Maxx for an S3¿

    I know, right? But Damn, they hit this out of the park! Once in the Otterbox, the is no reason to complain about the frail plastic feel...still thinner than an iPhone in an Otterbox and no fear of issues with dropping anymore! The only accessory I'm wanting is an mhl to usb3 OTG dongle for my...
  11. Nyteravyn

    Should I consider dumping my Maxx for an S3¿

    I am a dedicated Moto fanboy ! Swore I'd never own another Samsung device after my galaxy tab, that said... I wouldn't part with my SGS3! My wife loves my Maxx now! Win win situation =]
  12. Nyteravyn

    Turn off shutter sound?

    can you post your script for the pic on failed pin attempts? That is brilliant!
  13. Nyteravyn

    Headphones with a mic?

    Personally, I LOVE my Zagg Smartbuds ! They work brilliantly!
  14. Nyteravyn

    otterbox now in stock

    I agree! Just got an email from Otterbox... the commuter is in Stock. now
  15. Nyteravyn

    video clarity

    YouTube depends on the producer... and their quality of equipment, hd is typically the dimension reference rather than the quality... Personally, I will take 4g over WiFi any day... but again the quality depends...
  16. Nyteravyn

    otterbox now in stock

    thanks ! Called Otterbox and they are sitting the colored commuter series from customs but the defender series is in stock :-)
  17. Nyteravyn

    Usb otg cable

    I have a generic Chinese otg cable that works fine but 2 that do not... the 2 that do not,.work fine on my xyboard and Xoom tablets... the PS3 controller works natively but the Xbox requires an app...
  18. Nyteravyn

    otterbox now in stock

    what color options are avail and where? I have the defender black/black... would love a color option with the commuter...
  19. Nyteravyn

    4G not as good on S3

    Right on... I guess I finally got l lucky, no issues here... my first phone that has not had issues out of the gate.
  20. Nyteravyn

    video calling

    I like Google + hangouts