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    ICS Update Due Today: Post If You Get It

    Why are you talking about old information about a razor in a rezound ICS thread. Back under your bridge please. This thread was decent till you trolled it.
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    ICS Update Due Today: Post If You Get It

    meh. we would have heard more or had a more serious claim if it was happening today. I didn't even ruu back yet cause (I hate to be the bad guy) todays not the day. 1)we only have hearsay information. 2)not likely to drop an ICS bomb on one of the most serious of catholic holidays. Honestly...
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    4G LTE Coverage Comparison Maps Between Verizon and AT&T

    I'm in Wisconsin just about 10 miles north of the LTE coverage, and that might be even more frustrating, knowing they probably stopped just a few towers short of getting this are covered. :mad:
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    droid x help please

    with the DX don't you need the Droid 2 boot strap program? it always and still works for me.
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    Is it me or does the battery suck?

    If you don't mind reloading all your stuff a factory reset is always a valid option. It can be frustrating tho.
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    RUU Restore question

    Do you need a program for flashing the ruu exe? I haven't done it for awhile but I thought there was a program you needed to use but i don't see any mention of it anymore. Now I'm scared of my darn phone again. I want to flash the latest ruu but am feeling lost. currently running extremes. ICs v 3.
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    Anyone have an old OG Droid? Help me out?

    on my old ones the sd card slot is becoming worn and I just have to re adjust how the card is sitting and that usually fix is it for me.
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    Rezound Screen

    I haven't used on the rezound yet. I don't think I will, the screen seems to be reasonably tough. I do really baby it tho. It always goes in my left pocket where NOTHING else ever goes.
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    *The Official* Post Pictures Taken With Your HTC Rezound Thread

    here are some more. my daughter getting her first belt promotion in judo Buildings are from New Orleans in the early morning and nature is from Florida state parks.
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    *The Official* Post Pictures Taken With Your HTC Rezound Thread

    For all the AMAZING shoots I do get with this phone there is usually an equal amount of average shots with red eyes and bad light capture. Anyone know of a write up on the best settings and tips and tricks for this camera? I'd really like to get great shots all the time, and I know there is a...
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    Am I the only one getting good battery life?

    With all those tricks and the extended battery, power is never a concern for me! I didn't get this kind of battery life from My Droid 1 or DX. It helps alot that there is not 4g in my area so I'm always set to cdma. But with switching to scotts ICS rom my battery has suffered a little, and I'm...
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    Screen fell off, any ideas what the replacement will be?

    So my wife is still using the OG droid, I moved on long ago to the Dx and now the rezound. My wife went to open the slide out key pad and it fell off, just remaining connected by some wires or whatever, I did even want to try to fix it so I made the claim with asurion. Anyone have any idea...
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    [ROM] 3/11 - CleanROM ICSE 3.7 ★| ICS 4.0.3 | Sense 3.6| More Tweaks! | True Art ! |★

    how did he get this lock screen and ICS apps running menu?
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    [RECOVERY] Amon Ra Recovery Image [FASTBOOT]

    Ya know what?...................................Thanks. I like being able to come back to one spot to get safe instructions.
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    Plastic battery door flexing??

    Yep both of my covers do it. I've just gotten used to it.
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    Need help restoring GB backup from ICS rom. HELP!!!

    I really wish that the wonderful Developers (and I mean wonderful and I'm thank full for all there work) would just put a caution letting everyone know that flashing to ICS will change things in your phone that are reasonably advanced to fix. I'm glad both you guys got your phones atleast...
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    Help! Bricked!

    If you installed an ICS rom the stock ruu might fail. If the mainver file was upated to an ICS version number you will have to use another trick to get back to stock. [GUIDE] Fix Mainver Error - xda-developers easy as pie and works well. Set your mainver back to and you can use any...
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    White Screen of Death?!

    as long as it is the right one for whatever ROM you where flashing. I would go to that thread and double check your situation..... Here's my story. I was flashing a ICS Rom and got the white screen just like you did. So I decided to give up on ICS and placed the old PH98.IMG on the sd card...
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    White Screen of Death?!

    You will need to pull the sd card and put it in another phone or anything that can read/write to it, and put the appropriate file on it for what ever your trying to boot. {ICS/GB}
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    You might encouter problems flashing ICS...if so do this....

    The guide over at XDA is fantastic and works perfectly.