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    [ROM] [Alpha] Ics4Bionic 01-25-2012

    Dumb looks for stupid questions: FREE
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    [ROM] [Alpha] Ics4Bionic 01-25-2012

    You can not be serious.
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    transferring itunes to bionic

    I just use zumocast and audiogalaxy as a backup. I would use google music but it doesn't hold enough. I don't know if it's a storage cap it has or a song cap but it's definitely missing about half of my library so I stopped using it. Zumo and Audiogalaxy work very well for me.
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    [ROM] [Alpha] Ics4Bionic 01-25-2012

    I am fairly certain that when data gets working on a bionic ICS rom, it will get serious attention and it will be made readily obvious.
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    So... new OTA is rolling out

    When the OTA is available for my phone I will be removing root and will let the forum know if you can still root after the update or not. 2 others have already stated that they achieved root using the method stickied in the forum.
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    who got the update and tried to root?

    What was the state of you phone prior to the update? Meaning, did you install any leaked version? What problems are you having trying to root/43v3R root and with superuser?
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    OTA rolling out!

    right, I am well aware of this :) However, there is a lot of misinformation floating around right now and a lot of people are obviously getting confused so the more verification the better. It's the scientific process.
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    OTA rolling out!

    Yes, and Yes. It wouldn't brick your phone, it would simply fail to install. However if something did go wrong - this is the thread to go back to stock R3L3AS3DRoot and 43V3R root for the BIONIC v2.1
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    Official OTA Fails If You've Downloaded a Leaked Update

    5.5.886 is stock. 5.5.893 is the update that people are receiving OTA. If you flashed to any leaked build (5.5.893leak - 5.7.893 - 5.8.894) you will not be able to receive OTA updates as of right now due to the bootloader being locked. It fill fail. There currently is nothing you can do to go...
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    OTA rolling out!

    1) The early reviews are that you can't update unless you unfreeze bloat (though I'm not sure if this is confirmed) 2) If you use the 4everroot that is posted here :R3L3AS3DRoot and 43V3R root for the BIONIC v2.1 you will keep root 3) If you don't have root going into the update, you can still...
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    OTA rolling out!

    Thanks you :) Just to confirm, you installed the leaked updated version 5.7.893, received an OTA update, and it installed?
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    5.5.893 OTA Pushed via Verizon.......

    I used to live in boulder! Great town!
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    OTA rolling out!

    Confirmation is always nice though. :)
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    who got the update and tried to root?

    Try and see if that makes a difference. Says it'll work with .893 but I haven't received the OTA so I can't say honestly.
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    OTA rolling out!

    Can you go to about phone and post the following please :) 1) Build Number/System Version 2) Kernel Version 3) Baseband Version Would be much appreciated Has anybody else tried to update from this specific version? (5.7.893)
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    Determining radio/kernel version

    There are no suggestions besides wait. It's currently not possible (because of a locked bootloader) to change your Kernel/Radio. If you aren't on stock Kernal/Radio you are **** out of luck. I hate to be this blunt, but I've read this same question at least 50 times today. It's not unfair...
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    OTA rolling out!

    There is no official confirmation of this yet (meaning exact same code as leaked OTA). Yes, I am aware of standard practices in changing the build number every time you edit a build ; however that's not 100% confirmation.
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    Here's an interesting feedback letter I received.....

    My problem with this is that disable does not mean remove.
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    Razr camera on the Bionic

    My order of preference Lense > Camera > Firmware Regardless of the firmware you can only get so much better without improving your lense. (ready to shrug off the "it's not a camera, it's a phone" comments)
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    $$ bounty 4 unlocked bootloader over at xda

    The handful of people who actually possess the keys do not need $700, unfortunately.