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    Proof that Google is More Innovative than Apple, Plus the Myth of 'Pinch-to-Zoom'

    Sad;y, Apple fans will still live and swear by the myths and never consider the facts no matter where it comes from. Apple is too arrogant (like their followers) to ever admit the truth. They will only believe what their leader tells them.
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    new to Android, but that's about it

    Welcome to the forum. Hope you will love it as much as most of us.
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    New laptop?

    for your needs, a tablet may be a good choice..many options out there.
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    4G LTE Coverage Comparison Maps Between Verizon and AT&T

    I am 2 blocks from 4G service...not kidding.
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    Impressive Sample Pics From HTC One Series ImageSense Technology

    finally, some decent pictures.
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    Not sure if this the right forum ...

    I have never tried it through the market, but Netflix works through my GNex.
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    Breaking Verizon News!

    lol .
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    Breaking Verizon News!

    Very odd. Source?
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    New Study Shows that iOS Crashes More Often Than Android

    Take note that the data was compiled by Crittercism, which is backed by Google; not necessarily biased but I thought it was an interesting fact.
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    Galaxy nexus or droid razr?

    You must find a corporate store in order to find working units. Retailers typically have dummies, although I have seen a few working phones at Bestbuy. Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Tapatalk
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    OTTER Box deal

    Sorry, I only saw this today. BOGO 50% off New iPhone 4S Cases, iPad 2 Cases & More //
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    NFL Mobile Updated, Now Works With the Galaxy Nexus

    They will get it fixed by February 6th.
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    MHL/HDMI with TV - a minor yet MAJOR issue

    I found the post: You can always try to PM the member to see if he had a resolution.
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    MHL/HDMI with TV - a minor yet MAJOR issue

    Another member posted that he/she had an issue with a monoprice HML-HDMI adapter, so it could be the adapter. BTW, why did you buy the adapter at monoprice and get the HDMI cable at Walmart? Monoprice is prob. your best sorce for that HDMI cable. You can always try to exchange the cable at...
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    Swift key x vs swype vs stock

    I have used a few since the OG droid and prefer SwiftKey. I used slideit before settling on swype, but found that although quick, it was a little inaccurate for my typing style. It was also cumbersome to correct my mistakes. I first switched to SwiftKey because the size of the buttons were more...
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    "Tips and Tricks" post?

    There's one here: Galaxy Nexus Tips & Tricks (post your finds)
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    Welcome to the Fabulous Nexus section!

    My favorite rom
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    I don't think it's the plug depth as I have tried it on a couple of cables with the same plug depth and some will work and some wont. Don't know why though. I do believe it is a cable issue though and not a adapter issue because I can get the same cable to work on two different adapter output...
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    Was Best Buy wrong to ask a customer to return the Galaxy Nexus?

    ^^^ Exactly what I wanted to say
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    [old] I got my nexus thread [closed]

    Verizon’s Equipment Guide Updated, Galaxy Nexus Release Date of December 9 is “Official” – Droid Life: A Droid Community Blog