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  1. captain howdy

    2 camera issues

    opps sorry the above may not work thought i was in the droid Maxx section
  2. captain howdy

    2 camera issues

    Not sure if this will fix your resolution problem but it will fix the shutter sound, start the camera swipe from the left edge to the center. a 1/2 circle will pop out with icons on it the bottom one with an L shape will allow you to pick widescreen 10mp 16:9 or standard 7.8mp 4:3. also if you...
  3. captain howdy

    Broken USB port

    Ok so how do you recommend charging the phone? Use magic? Last I checked my wall charger uses the same port as the usb.
  4. captain howdy

    good bye droid2 global

    Well I cracked the screen. Put in for a replacement thru assurion insurance. 1st 2 had problems, back would not fit, ear speaker blown. Any way they a Sent me a new droid 4. So it off the droid 4 section. Lots to learn over again lol
  5. captain howdy

    Wifi help

    I got it from " cheat engine. Org. " I found that if I post links the admins delete them. Also I have run several test on the program before and after install. To detect any adware, spybots, malware and viruses. It all came up clean. I used 4 anti virus programs, avast. Avg, Norton and...
  6. captain howdy

    Wifi help

    Im not concerned about 3g, there are hundreds of post about 3g/4g and wireless tethering. Perhaps a dev will read this examine how the accelerators/speed boosters for computer work and develop a way to use this tech on the phone.
  7. captain howdy

    Wifi help

    I have the same set up. But most of the time I am lucky to get 20kbs. Never seen speeds faster. I know the router is set up correctly. The base problem is my ISP comcast. Its slow even my computer hooked up to the cable modem is lucky to see 500kbps. When I use the speed hack for my computer my...
  8. captain howdy

    Wifi help

    Ok here's the problem. I need a program, hack or what ever to help me boost,speed up, accelerate, increase my Wifi download speeds to my phone. No computer involved. I know they have several programs for computers that do this, like cheat engines speed hack.
  9. captain howdy

    Windows xp to 7 help

    Ok I just upgraded to windows 7 from xp and have a 2 problems. 1 when I boot I get a screen asking me to either boot to windows 7 or install windows xp. Seems the xp setup files are still there and I need to remove then and I only have 1 partition. 2 I can't delete the windows. Old file. Says I...
  10. captain howdy

    New phone update

    Its not the led that gives me concern but rather the screen flashing. Sent from my DROID2 GLOBAL using DroidForums
  11. captain howdy

    New phone update

    1 new thing I noticed that's not listed on Verizon web site. Now when I get a notification, not only do I get the green blinking light but my screen also flashes on when its off. Like a strobe light. Bet the is going to kill the battery. Sent from my DROID2 GLOBAL using DroidForums
  12. captain howdy

    New version update

    I just got a new system update. Not sure what's new, any on else have a clue? Sent from my DROID2 GLOBAL using DroidForums
  13. captain howdy

    Google Play, Yea or Nay?

    I got the update, only difference I see is the icon, everything else is still the same Sent from my DROID2 GLOBAL using DroidForums
  14. captain howdy

    Keyboard button replacement?

    Bump Sent from my DROID2 GLOBAL using DroidForums
  15. captain howdy

    D2G SBF/ROOT/RSDB Download & Guide Links

    Great job! Sent from my DROID2 GLOBAL using DroidForums
  16. captain howdy

    Phone memory question

    Thanks. Looks like when I get time I am going to root. Sent from my DROID2 GLOBAL using DroidForums
  17. captain howdy

    Phone memory question

    My phone is running out of space on my sd card yet, my phone has 5+ gig of free space. I need to know if there is any way to transfer/ force files from my sd card to my phones internal storage. Seems all that I can put on my phone are the apps that I install. No Im not rooted, thanks for any...
  18. captain howdy

    Droid w/o contract

    I believe so. I think the contract is for phone,texting and internet service. I think the wifi operates independently. Sent from my DROID2 GLOBAL using DroidForums
  19. captain howdy

    Emergency alerts???

    Today on my way to work I noticed the electronic road signs had an amber alert and i noticed that the emergency alerts aka amber alerts etc does not work on my phone and yes everything is turned on and I have preformed a factory reset. Is this just my phone? All D2G? all android phones? Who do...
  20. captain howdy

    What is fixed updated in 4.5.608"

    I have noticed that my keyboard lights up like it should now. Sent from my DROID2 GLOBAL using DroidForums