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    foxfi update fix jb users connections?

    It uses data but I have unlimited data
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    foxfi update fix jb users connections?

    Free tethering... I am stock no root
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    foxfi update fix jb users connections?

    That as updated to jelly bean ^
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    foxfi update fix jb users connections?

    Did the latest foxfi update fix the issues for razr HD users? Thanks in advance!
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    Verizon Galaxy S3 Receiving Update to VRBMB1

    If my wife takes this update will her foxfi be gone like it did on my razr HD? Thanks for the help
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    rooted 4.1.1

    Okay I just rooted for my first time and I have a couple questions .. the only reason I rooted was to WiFi tether using 4.1.1 and I am still stock other than I used the SQL lite hack to change development settings and I was wondering to I need titanium backup and is there a way to know I have a...
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    please help me.

    Well I did it ! I started to stop when ICS was installed but I was afraid it wouldn't be completed so I finished and have jb and I did the hack and now I can tether! I am tickled with my self! So I am rooted jellybean razr HD! I did the bootstrap and backed up so if something happens is there...
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    please help me.

    This looks confusing lol
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    please help me.

    I have a droid razr HD I bought off craigslist and it is running 4.1.1 and you guessed it I can't WiFi tether.. I have unlimited data and I tether my Xbox to play online and I am a sitting duck. I have never rooted before I know there is a way to root and change the entitlement to 0 ... is there...
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    Loving the Razr HD

    How do you root a phone is there a step by step process somewhere? And once I root can I go back with stock with no issues?
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    Loving the Razr HD

    I am disappointed in the fact that foxfi don't work so I can tether... kinda a bummer after having something so great but the phone seems awesome still
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    Has anyone figured out how to tether using jb? We have no internet access at home and our Xbox is down without it... any help would be great I am unrooted and have never even tried to root thanks!
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    Predict ICS landing date thread!

    Received it last nite morristown tn!
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    ICS - pulled on 6/28 + screenshot = volume down + Lock button Nice toggle for cdma!
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    .181 issues

    I noticed a battery life increase as well and i like it!
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    Ota update .181

    Got mine in TN this morning love getting updates BC there is improvements always that can be made Sent from my DROID RAZR using DroidForums
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    My Nexus is boxed up...

    I went through the same thing with the nexus dropping calls and low signal... it done great were signal was strong but if signal was 2 bars or less it would act up... I got the razr and never looked back for a phone... but I am typing this from my nexus BC I use it on wifi at home the nexus has...
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    Location of dialed number

    Is there a free app? Sent from my DROID RAZR using DroidForums
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    Location of dialed number

    I have seen this on past phones when u dial a number it says the numbers location while ringing ... I haven't noticed this on the razr.. is there a setting somewhere Sent from my DROID RAZR using DroidForums
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    Has anyone tried it I am just curious if its a sleeper or not? Sent from my DROID RAZR using DroidForums