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  1. Cinoib

    Free wifi tether?

    Try Portable Wifi (Google Play). It works fine on my S4 Verizon non rooted.
  2. Cinoib

    PdaNet/FoxFi and the Galaxy S4

    Has anyone used Portable Wifi (Google Play)? I put it on my Verizon S4 and it works just fine (not yet rooted either...).
  3. Cinoib

    Hello new Note 2 owner here

    My path... Droid Bionic, Droid Razr Maxx, Samsung S3, Samsung Note 2. Each device rooted. S3 rooted, unlocked, re-rommed to Beanstown then to Cyanogenmod 10m2 and then to Jellywiz (really missed the Verizon Visual Voicemail). The Note 2 is rooted via Odin applied Root66. I made the mistake...
  4. Cinoib

    Note 2 software update.

    I am rooted with root66. I also have Voodoo Root Keeper. Even though Voodoo says in the settings that its useless on the S3 (and hence by extension would be useless on the the Note 2), I temp unrooted, took the update ota, rerooted and still have root verified by Root Checker and a fully...
  5. Cinoib

    rooting gs3 for jellybean

    BTW, I am a fan of rooting. I too held back for about a month b4 I rooted. Not only an I rooted, I am unlocked, and re-rommed w Cyanogen 10 M2.
  6. Cinoib

    rooting gs3 for jellybean

    Were you able to find a non native rom that would run NFL? I am running Cyanogen 10M2 and if course NFL Verizon won't run.
  7. Cinoib

    should I Upgrading to ICS

    You buy Voodoo. You temp unroot. You take the upgrade. You re-root with Voodoo. I did it on my Razr Maxx.
  8. Cinoib

    Razr Maxx or Razr HD

    Slow down? Who and in what business is "slow down" discussed as a business option? The competition is fierce. Slowing down in an industry that's red hot would be viewed as weakness. If anything Moto was spot on introducing the Razr Maxx because no one even came close to a 3300 mHA battery...
  9. Cinoib

    **EASY** Unofficial Guide To Installing CM9/CM10

    Hi Folks. I installed Clockworkmod on my Galaxy S3 (Verizon). Then I backed it up and installed "BeansStockRom." I am rooted with roote66. BSR is based off of CM10 as I understand it. The installation went without a hitch. There was once after reboot that it froze as I was loading Go...
  10. Cinoib

    Mobile Hotspot issues

    I too had issues getting the S3 to connect to the Razr Maxx. In fact, it would not connect to the Razr. However it did finally connect. I did enter the phone name and the Mac address. Funny though, it connected to an Ipod and an Ipad with no difficulty. My guess is that the G3 is a little...
  11. Cinoib

    Should i wait?

    Ok, here's the deal. I started off with the Bionic. I rooted it with Petes and then rerooted with something else when the firmware was upgraded. I then bought the Razr Maxx. I rooted it with Motofail and applied Voodoo to keep my root through the OTA's. In fact, I took ICS and then rerooted...
  12. Cinoib

    ICS Battery life

    Lacluster battery life after ICS update... I upgraded to ICS Sunday (a few days ago). On Monday, I hit 50% shortly after noon. In all honesty, I'd been hitting it all morning long since 5 am. So I kind of expected that. What I was surprised about was that on Tuesday (well after the honney...
  13. Cinoib

    Official get/keep root after ICS thread

    Voodoo to the rescue! Hi Folks, So here is how it worked for me... I unrooted with Voodoo, I took the update Sunday afternoon. I installed the update Sunday afternoon. I checked several programs to see that ICS did indeed load and was working. I rerooted with Voodoo. And so far, I have...
  14. Cinoib

    ICS on the MAXX

    Well, I want the new Maxx that has the 300 + ppi and the 1.5 ghz processor dual core. Oh, Santa didn't bring ics to me yesterday. Yet another rumor run amuck.
  15. Cinoib

    Did anyone get the 6.12.181 update yet?

    I have the exact set up that you have. I used Voodoo to keep my root though. I am having a similar issue. Although not near as often as you seem to be having a problem. Overall I have the issue occasionally. Unfortunately I don't have a solution. I just wanted you to know that there are...
  16. Cinoib

    Maxx owners..If you had to get a verizon phone

    Rumor has it ics will roll may 21 if the soak test is good. The Maxx screen is just fine for every day use IMHO. Side by side the rezound has a better screen based on ppi. The Nexus has a better ppi to. But the feel and durability of the Maxx is much better. The you consider the 3300 mAh...
  17. Cinoib

    MOTOFAIL won't root phone on build 181

    I don't offer a solution but I can assure you that the Motofail Expoit works with 6.12.181. I found the ota waiting on me this morning. I unfroze frozen apps with Titanium Backup. I unrooted with Voodoo. I installed the update. I rebooted with Voodoo. I refroze with TI. And all is...
  18. Cinoib

    Did anyone get the 6.12.181 update yet?

    Voodoo, TB, and Motofail maintain root through OTA 6.12.181 I have the Razr Maxx. I am rooted with Motofail. I am SqLite hacked. This morning I found OTA update 6.12.181 waiting on me. I delayed taking the update until I was able to take the time to prepare my Maxx for the update and...
  19. Cinoib

    Verizon finally swapping my Bionic for the Rezound

    There is a bionic 2. It's called the Razr. Sent from my SGH-T849 using DroidForums
  20. Cinoib

    Droid Razr wireless hotspot connection to PS3

    1. Are you rooted? 2. Did you pay for a tethered connection? 3. If u'r rooted, did you know can use SqLite? Sent from my SGH-T849 using DroidForums