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    What screen protector are you using on your Galaxy S4?

    I put the Sir Lancelot's Armor - Holy Grail on yesterday. Application was a cinch, the glass is very thin - excellent protection. The only "downside" is that this glass does not seem to be oleophobic so there is a high smudge factor (or it could be that I just have oily fingers). Other than...
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    s4 slide out keyboard This what you are looking for?
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    How to turn off Google Now?

    Thank you all for your help! I will see what improvement in battery life this gets me. . Probably other tweaks I can make to improve the battery life. Lucky to get 12 hours before I have to recharge.
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    How to turn off Google Now?

    Can someone point me to where and how I can turn off Google Now - have heard that it kills battery and I am trying to find ways to conserve battery. Thank you.
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    trouble with email

    Hmmmm, that helps. I will check on that. We have Comcast as our home email provider and I don't believe I specified when setting up (or did it get set up automatically?) email on whether it was IMAP or POP3. I will look into it and see where / how I can adjust, and will research on any other...
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    trouble with email

    I am having/noticing the same issue - running the native email application. It appears that I will delete the emails on a daily basis and then at the week's end, because I have not gone out on my home pc to delete them from the server (Comcast, in my case) the messages come back. In the native...
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    Samsung Hub shows up on my lock screen. . .but I don't want it there

    Thank you both. The challenge is that on the lock screen there is no way to long press that I can figure out. I ended up figuring it out - the Hub opens up when a bluetooth headset is paired. When I did that, the Hub started playing a sample of a song. I stopped it and shut down the Hub...
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    Samsung Hub shows up on my lock screen. . .but I don't want it there

    Reybie, I see the area where I can add shortcuts to the lock screen, and have several of those placed at the bottom of my lock screen. Is this what you are referring? I apologize if I am being dense, just don't see a setting where I can adjust it.
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    Samsung Hub shows up on my lock screen. . .but I don't want it there

    Thanks, I just checked that and nothing to be found that references / associates Samsung Hub with the widget set up. Not sure how to remove it.
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    Samsung Hub shows up on my lock screen. . .but I don't want it there

    Something changed today and I don't know what I did, but out of nowhere the Samsung Hub is on my lock screen. . . and I don't want it there. Any ideas on how to remove it? Strange. . .it wasn't there yesterday (or the last month or so since I picked up the S4).
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    Bluetoodth & NFC Pairing Not Working?

    I am attempting to pair my S4 with a pair of bluetooth headphones that have NFC and neither the normal Bluetooth pairing or NFC pairing appear to work. The headphone support (Parrot ZIK headphones) have given me the counsel of taking out the battery in both devices, boot up the phone first...
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    Next Laucher 3D

    I just picked up this launcher, based on the positive reviews, but have struggled with setting it up - I am sure it is easy, just need to play around a bit more. I too would be interested in shortcut help. Thanks for posting.
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    text notification preview

    Thank you!! So many options, so much to learn. :biggrin:
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    text notification preview

    What did you figure out? I am interested in this as well, and have not figured it out. . . Thank you for any help.
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    Screen/wallpaper shifting upon unlock?

    It may be the wallpaper app that I am using (doubting that) but when I unlock the S4 by swiping and my home screen appears every time I do that the wall paper shifts to the left and then to the right just a little bit (less than a 1/8th of the screen) and then it centers and is ok. . .any one...
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    Missing Zumocast Any Alternatives?

    This is one of the best questions that I would love to get an answer to - it would really make my decision making on whether to go GNex easier if there are alternatives available. . . any direction or ideas welcomed.
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    Way to turn off audio "beep" at the end of a telephone call?

    I may be the only one that doesn't like the "beep" that happens at the end of every phone call, but is there a way to silence it? It is not only annoying, but as I use a BT headset quite frequently when in the car, the beep is loud too. Thanks for any help turning off this audio annoyance.
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    proclip car mount

    I corresponded with the ProClip customer service team and they do not have a mount for the Bionic in production yet, but they did indicate that they would be producing one in the future. There is an adjustable mount that works well, either with the Verizon hard case and extended battery or...
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    I have noticed several times when trying to repopulate my Bionic (with all the apps that were on my OG Droid) that I get a message about not having sufficient storage. . . when I go into the Storage settings I see that I have only 3.59GB of available space for application storage, yet my...
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    Bionic Skype Video chat not working?

    +1 not sure I care about not seeing myself in that little black box, but when I am away the family would like to actually see me (for some reason) :p.