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  1. riko540

    HTC Nexus 'Sailfish' Specs Leaked [Rumor]

    And no wireless charging.
  2. riko540

    Microsoft Throws Barbs at Android; Calls it a 'big pile of … Code’

    I like that Microsoft and Apple are still both using the whole Android fragmentation argument. However it doesn't really hold much weight anymore since Google pulled the guts out of the OS and put them in the Play Services and individual apps that they can update regardless of which Version you...
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    I voted Nexus 6 because stock android, 0 bloat, don't have to jump through hoops to gain root.
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    Google Officially Announced Android 5.0 Lollipop Pushing Out to Older Nexus Devices Today

    From what I understand Google said that the first gen Nexus 7 would get Lollipop. I'm not totally surprised the specs should allow it to run without too much issue. Technically all the Nexus phones are capable of running lollipop.
  5. riko540

    GEL on Verizon Moto X

    Wait Verizon is pushing out an update that was just released a few weeks ago?! Did hell freeze over cause normally Verizon sits on updates for several months before releasing them. Lol
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    Moto X Google Play Edition Coming Soon

    I'll laugh if it ends up being the same price as on contract. I would expect them to want to make some kind of profit on the phone though. My guess is $299 for the 16GB and $399 for the 32GB.
  7. riko540

    Verizon Likely Following T-Mobile's Uncarrier Plans Too

    They will charge you the same 100/month+ for unlimited calling and texts +2GB of data AND make you pay upfront for the phone. Great way to keep people in their current plans.
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    Another Leaked Photo Of The Moto X

    Looks like the Galaxy Nexus from the front.
  9. riko540

    [Rumor] Samsung and Google Planning Android Laptops with Android 5.0/Key Lime Pie

    I remember reading somewhere that Google was planning on merging Android and Chrome OS eventually. This may be a step in that direction.
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    Nokia Lumia 928 Available May 16 for $99.00 on Contract

    If I was to buy a windows phone it would be a Nokia. I had a Lumia 800 for a little while and thought it was fantastic. The biggest problem with Windows phone is the lack of apps and the apps that are available aren't that great.
  11. riko540

    Symantec Study Shows iOS more Vulnerable to Malware, but Android is Targeted More

    I think android is targeted more not only due to it being able to install apps without needing the play store but also because it has a much larger user base. Its like why Windows has so many Viruses and Malware while OSX and Linux have very few viruses/malware. Most people/businesses use Windows.
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    [Rumor] Nexus 5 to Skip 1080p 5-inch Display in Favor of Compactness, Camera & More

    Don't hold your breath. Google and Verizon don't get along to well due to Verizon withholding updates to hype sales of new devices. This "should" change once Verizon drops its CDMA network and releases LTE only phones.
  13. riko540

    New [ROM] Jelly Bean for the Droid Incredible!

    I'm not surprised there is an unofficial port of CM10 for the Incredible. However its been stripped of some of CM10's features so it would fit.
  14. riko540

    New Rumor Suggests Google Will Launch Their Own Retail Stores Soon

    This will hopefully help their product launches as well.
  15. riko540

    RIM Officially Launches BlackBerry 10; Too Little Too Late or Good Competition?

    Hopefully it will help break up this duopoly that the market seems to be stuck in. I personally never cared for BB devices because everyone I knew that had one always had problems with them. I would like to see them make a comeback though and shake up the market a bit.
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    New Marketing Data Suggests LG Beat Out Apple for 2nd Place in US Phone Market

    The Optimus G and Nexus 4 are probably their top 2 phones.
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    Japan Brings forth the Android Connected Toilet!

    Lmao this is awesome.
  18. riko540

    Some Nexus 4 Units Already Back Ordered By as Much as Three Weeks

    Yeah I received mine just before I left work. :frown:
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    New HTC Droid DNA Smokes the LG Nexus 4 in Benchmarks Despite Nearly Identical Specs

    It seems that the nexus scores are low due to thermal issues. Anandteck re-ran the GLbenchmark test after putting the Nexus 4 in a freezer the scores showed major improvements across the board. Link: New Nexus 4 Benchmarks from Anandtech show huge improvement! - xda-developers