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  1. Beka27

    Dropped my RAZR MAXX --- Anyone ever deal with Verizon's WONDERFUL insurance???

    Any update on this? Did it end up being a different phone? With your initial conversation, did they say you'd be receiving YOUR phone back? Did you contact them again to figure out what happened?
  2. Beka27

    Question about canceling a line on Verizon.

    I would call today and ask. You obviously want to cancel before you get another charge for the ten bucks. They should be able to tell you what day you can actually cancel it.
  3. Beka27

    Screenshots of peoples Droid desktops?

    Thanks! I'm checking it out now! :)
  4. Beka27

    Screen Protector?

    I guess it's just a case of "YMMV". We ended up getting the Steinheil Ultra Clear (the new 4h hardness ones) and they are amazingly perfect. Application was flawless and I love how they are thicker but still have excellent sensitivity. We used (and loved) the Steinheil on our DXs, and it...
  5. Beka27

    samsung galaxy s3 what's in the box

    You don't get a complete manual anymore with phones. If you need the manual, you can google it. Not sure what charging station you saw?
  6. Beka27

    s3 users with family shared plan

    Last month I was at 3gb, my husband was at 8gb. This is more than double what we were using on 3g. For us, our 4g usage has greatly increased.
  7. Beka27

    s3 extended battery

    Regular battery... I'm averaging 26 hours with "moderate" (for me) use.
  8. Beka27

    using upgrade while grandfathered

    Why don't you just order the phone online, activate it on your mother's line, unactivate it, and then put it on yours?
  9. Beka27

    Screenshots of peoples Droid desktops?

    What is that clock/date/battery widget?! That is crazy looking!!!
  10. Beka27

    Cool looking case

    LOL! The kids got a kick out of that!
  11. Beka27

    Screen Protector?

    BUMP What other screen protectors have people used and how are they holding up? We bought the Clarivue SP on the recommendation of a member here. I have to say that this is by far the crappiest SP I've ever used. Application was a disaster (and I'm no stranger to SP application) and it has...
  12. Beka27

    what kind of case are you all using?

    Samsung Galaxy S III SILICRYLIC® DualPro? Case by Incipio® I love, love, LOVE this case. It offers a great amount of protection (including corners/edges) but with such a slim phone, it doesn't feel bulky at all. Buttons work great, all the cut-outs are spot-on. The case does not collect lint...
  13. Beka27

    Battery life??

    My battery life is getting better and better. I'm now averaging over 22 hours. I'm happy with that.
  14. Beka27

    Anyone having many force closes on their S3?

    Nope, no force closes. I'm a happy S3 user... :)
  15. Beka27

    Need a car dock that will fit a case and hold horizontally

    We bought this universal mount: New Exogear Exomount Universal Car Mount Multi-Angle Rotation For Your Preferred Viewing Angle: Cell Phones & Accessories It works well and it's not super expensive.
  16. Beka27

    Motorola phones banned in Germany

    It could be a "fringe S3 topic" tho if this prevents the release/sale of Moto phones in the U.S., thus derailing plans to drop your gently used S3 in favor of a brand new Moto flagship... Lol... I'm reaching, I know.
  17. Beka27

    Apples new advertising campaign ?

    I got a chuckle out of them b/c of their play on stupidity, but I can't see them PROMOTING the brand.
  18. Beka27

    Changing Accounts

    You're welcome. Hopefully that'll work for you!
  19. Beka27

    ringtone sound low

    This is intentional. I actually prefer it this way since my phone is usually within a few feet of me anyways, so I don't need a super loud ring. When notifications go off loudly and suddenly, it does tend to be "jarring". I also have my alarm to gradually increase in volume, rather than a...
  20. Beka27

    A great phone so far

    Is the One X available on all major US carriers? No? Well, maybe that's why... :icon_ devil: The S3 is a nifty phone.