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  1. keiichi25

    Who is waiting for the OTA ICS??

    I'm waiting cause when I rooted my Xoom and got impatient for the ICS update there, within a couple of weeks, it came out and I had to re-setup my Xoom twice, once for the ICS root (Which did eat up a bit of power cause I didn't know how to tweak the settings to eek out more power) and again...
  2. keiichi25

    I HAVE SOLVED MY BATTERY PROBLEM!!! And maybe yours???

    Well, a little discussion I have seen is that the 4G antenna will be sucking up the juice. Turning WiFi off will help, especailly if you are in areas you know you aren't going to use the WiFi Radio. Thing to note, the wireless will still be on, be it 3G or LTE unless you turn airplane mode on...
  3. keiichi25

    Best Buy employees are idiots!

    Well, here is what I saw with Best Buy and also Verizon... One - Employees are not getting 100% trained. Unfortunately, in the case of Verizon and Best Buy, a lot of their employees are not hired to be 100% tech experts. They are hired to sell and help customers get what they want. Two - Not...
  4. keiichi25

    Samsung Fascinate...NO GOOGLE !!!!

    The following has been posted by Engadget: Debunk: Bing not replacing Google on all Verizon Android devices -- Engadget Someone is jumping the gun...
  5. keiichi25

    Does anybody have this...

    I doubt, at the moment, it will work on the droid. The application they are probably using will require to be adapted to a mobile set. At the same time, the service will probably also have to make a mobile video version that will work for specific mobile devices, as each mobile device handles...
  6. keiichi25

    Android continues to grow in popularity - August Readings

    Well, if you read the Engadget article that also references that chart, they did mention this doe snot also include iPads, and majority of the iPads are not mobile enabled, they are WiFi. So there may be some serious Apple dedicated people who may be using iPad as their browser for locations...
  7. keiichi25

    A good anti-virus and anti-spyware ?

    Call me paranoid, but just because it is 'hard' to program a virus for a system, does not necessarily mean it isn't impossible for one to happen. Macintosh made prior claims to that as well, and Mac OS X's primary root base is a Linux version. Problem is, it also has a few viruses. Few and...
  8. keiichi25

    Verizon support rep warns against updating froyo to Droid 1 for battery drain concern

    Well, most reps aren't hired to be techs. They are hired to sell phones and provide customer service. The people you want in a Verizon location, preferably in one of their big stores, is their tech people, usually, the ones further away from the actual main floor who you often see go into the...
  9. keiichi25

    Wow, so I got my new Droid today..

    At this point, I would go to one of the stores and talk with the manager. The person on the phone didn't exactly handle the situation to your satisfaction and the fact that the phone you have sounds refurbished... This is presuming you ordered a new phone, not a replacement. In either case...
  10. keiichi25

    Contacts question....

    Google Search yields:
  11. keiichi25

    Verizon support rep warns against updating froyo to Droid 1 for battery drain concern

    FYI, you do realize that Pandora is a streaming Music, therefore you are using your Data connection along with doing browsing on an hour commute. The processor is going to 'heat up' for doing the streaming and web browsing. That alone will definitely chew up some battery life as well pumping...
  12. keiichi25

    Will I get the OTA Update?

    The OTA Update will only notify you if it sees that you are not on the patch level the OTA is suppose to be at. If you are at that patch level, it assumed it took care of you and moved along.
  13. keiichi25

    i got the 2nd update but cant install flash!!!

    I think he got his update ota... But honestly, I got my update from the forums, I am not rooted and after I updated, I went to the market and got flash from there.
  14. keiichi25

    Time to take my Droid to the target range

    Besides, you don't use a gun on possessed things. You are suppose to use Holy Water and old Priests.
  15. keiichi25

    Got FRG22 this morning but

    Do a search on this forum, I believe there was a mentioning for those who can't see the flash update that they may have to force Market to clear a cache and rescan.
  16. keiichi25

    Droid 2, only 11000 in sales :(

    Well, here is how I look at it... As a Droid 1 User, I don't see the point in going to Droid 2 for a few reasons: 1) I bought a Droid 1 in November... not even a Year has gone by and my phone works fine. 2) Still under current 2 year contract. Again, not even a year has gone by and I just...
  17. keiichi25

    World of Warcraft with Droids Internet

    I believe your biggest worries will happen when patch day is close or hits. WoW uses Bit torrent which will max out the bandwidth as possible to insure you get the patch in a timely manner, but also that you help out in getting that out to other players as well. While Patch Day is not on a...
  18. keiichi25

    Just got updated to 2.2! But I don't see all the features.

    Actually, a lot of apps didn't really need updates quite yet... Also, an OTA update is still being processed, so not everyone has the most recent update that will require people to have a sudden rush or need for updates.
  19. keiichi25

    Will you buy an Android Tablet?

    FYI... Archos unleashes five (five!) new Android Froyo tablets, we go hands-on -- Engadget And... Notion Ink - Adam Notion Ink is an Indian designed Tablet that, last I heard, will be using the Android OS. The difference between the Archos one and Notion Ink, is that Notion Ink will have...
  20. keiichi25

    K-9 Mail can not send email

    Then it could be a bad build... I tried using K9 and had problems with it syncing with exchange 2008-10 server so I gave up and it worked fine for the stock app. Try another version, otherwise, don't know what else to tell ya.