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    Leaked FRG22 Update Available for Rooted Droid 1

    Wow that was fairly easy. Everything seems to work. Cool!
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    Comparison: DROID Vs. DROID 2 Vs. DROID X Vs. Incredible

    Damn they're doing it again! A few months ago who could decide on which phone to get? Now it's not any better. Holy Cow sometimes I wish I could have 2 or 3 of them. I'm still new to the Droid line and I'm still very happy with my Droid 1. From what I've read 2.2 adds just enough to my...
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    Graffiti 1 by Access

    Any body else checked out Graffiti input? The new version allows word completion and for me is perfect. I had a palm for years and can write graffiti fast without looking. One problem I have is my gestures get too big and I sometimes hit one of the four soft buttons.
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    Droid1 vs Droid2

    But don't want to give up my Droid!
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    HTC Vision gets photographed, may head to T-Mobile as "G1 Blaze"

    Well spoken, I really need a hardware keyboard and I really loved my Tilt 2. It was perfect, except for the lags, crashes, and general slows. If they put it on a Droid it would be wonderful. This looks like it to me.
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    LauncherPro Beta (SUPER FAST & SMOOTH Launcher!)

    Good call on "Home Switcher" it's allowed me get the bugs out and jump back to the default launcher if a get locked up and no icons showing. When LauncherPro was stable I made it my default launcher and all is golden.
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    Motorola Milestone XT720 Released

    Hey look! It's got a chin, but only on one side!
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    Beautiful Widgets Right for me?

    battery hog, oink, oink Wow mine was set for every hour and from 18-20 hours battery I now get 12 hours. I've reset to every 4 hours and we'll see. Love the look of BW tried going back to the older flip clock and it's not near as nice.
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    LauncherPro Beta (SUPER FAST & SMOOTH Launcher!)

    I love it, the extra home screens and 15 extra icons on the slider on the bottom of the screen. The problem is I get a lot of FC's and twice in the last week I've lost all my icons. Is there a way to get them back of is gone, gone? I't almost not worth it to re-build my home screens.
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    Motorola Droid 2 Keyboard Photo Leaked

    What no chin? What were they thinking?
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    Task killer not working right on 2.2

    I don't understand how can a task killer be such a power hog? When I check the battery use it shows that the task killer uses only 2% while the display uses 60%. If you don't use a task killer how do you close all those app's running in the background? Plus my battery use is great, 20 hours...
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    Yeah me too, I get 20 hours before shut down and that's hard usage. I have mine setup with 'when screen off' and it does seem to work well. I'm always amazed how many apps are open and I don't remember starting them.
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    Beautiful Widgets vs. Weather & Toggle Widgets

    I've used both and prefer BW the font for the date and city with the sun off set is better.
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    horrible battery. help...?

    BAWHAHAHAHA! Sorry but most of the people at the Verizon store couldn't find their back side with a map and a friend.
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    VZW's so-called "universal" car charger

    I been thinking what if there was a short or leak in the transformer, wouldn't you get a lot of RF? Varied and spikes of RF might induce currents in some of the circuitry of the phone. I've always mixed and matched chargers, as long as the voltage and amperage were close. To echo others if it...
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    "Official" Beautiful Widgets Skinning Thread

    Wow, thanks for the guide. I was totally lost and couldn't BW to work. "Beautiful Home", duh!
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    VZW's so-called "universal" car charger

    How nice, but you still haven't answered the question. How does a charger change the behavior of a device? If the power supplied is too high it will get clipped by the circuitry in the phone and if it's too low it will not charge the phone at all.
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    Samsung Galaxy S2 Specs and Photo Leak

    What's they gyroscope for? Device orientation? Inertia guidance?
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    Carwin was robbed.

    proof has been given already. People on this thread have droids and watched the fight.
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    Carwin was robbed.

    Maybe someone in the audience had a droid in their pocket so it's really not off topic. Sorry a bit of a stretch. Carry on.