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    R2-D2 Droid 2 Available Sept 30th

    it's so damn corny, but it's definitely growing on me...
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    DROID 2 Flyer: Rule the Empire with Iron Thumbs

    cool, thanks for sharing it :)
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    DROID 2 Flyer: Rule the Empire with Iron Thumbs

    TI OMAP 3640 @ 1GHz (ARM Cortex A8 w/ 45nm architecture) 512MB RAM in other words, same specs as the DROID X... except the DROID 2 doesn't have 720p video capture.
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    DROID 2 Flyer: Rule the Empire with Iron Thumbs

    Rule Your Empire, eh? Another Star Wars reference, anyone? I'm sure many of you have had enough with the DROID 2 leaks. This time, we have for you the latest marketing creation by Verizon: a flyer, showing off Big Red's new flagship device, the DROID 2. And it's accompanied by a...
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    First Look at New HTC/Verizon World Phone

    as other posters said, i hope this would be an LTE-capable device... and it is packing something better than a 1ghz Snapdragon. but for a prototype, this is a very intriguing device
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    WORDFEUD game!

    first impression... i like how you can actually reach a double word in the first round :) the gameplay is just as good as wordwise pro. and the advertisements give it a feel of "words with friends".... btwn wordfeud and wordwise pro, it's a toss-up IMO
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    Verizon pulls Android 2.2 "FRG01b" update for DROID 1, future updates uncertain

    MyDroidWorld is breaking the news that Motorola and Verizon have decided to pull all FRG builds (a.k.a. Android 2.2 update) for the DROID 1. The reason given was problems with Adobe Flash integration. Anonymous sources also tell MDW that there is no certainty of future FroYo updates for the...
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    WORDFEUD game!

    going to give it a try, thanks for the tip OP
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    Augen's 7" Android Tablet hits K-Mart stores this week for $149

    ClockworkMod recovery ported to the Augen GenTouch... Custom ROMs soon... Augen Gentouch Gets Clockwork Recovery Ported, Paves Way for Development
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    Easy Root, one-click root for DROID 1 and DROID X, works as intended

    OP Updated. Easy Root now can root Android 2.2 with one click!! let us know if it worked for you.
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    Android Explosion: 6 New Products That Aren't Smartphones

    like the OP, I'm very interested in Android-powered appliances. It would make sense for companies to use Android as a base, considering it's open-source and free to use. Bring on the Android-powered microwaves, fridges, and washing machines!
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    DROID 2 launch accessories arriving at Verizon stores

    Last week, Best Buy began carrying DROID 2 cases. And recently, Best Buy was seen placing a few dummy DROID 2 phones on display. Now, Droid-Life is reporting that DROID 2 launch accessories are arriving at Verizon Wireless stores. This lends to the credibility of the DROID 2's rumored August...
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    The Biggest Post Whore On the Internet?

    congrats hook. don't worry, you only have 90,000 to go for your next milestone
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    PayPal Mobile updated, brings along slew of new options

    PayPal for Android has been somewhat of a headache to use in the past. Poor UI, lack of features, and an overall unpleasant experience has had many people ditch the mobile app and stick to the web-based version for basic functionality. Well, that's all about to change. PayPal has finally updated...
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    Is there a App to make phone calls using Data instead of voice?

    okay i tried setting up VoIP with sipgate, sipdroid, pbxes, sipsorcery and google voice. can't get incoming or outgoing calls to work on airplane mode w/ wifi... outgoing rings about 10 times, then says "call cannot be completed. please try again later". and incoming doesn't come in at all.
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    Flash will be ready for DROID 1 on August 18th

    We reported earlier today that Adobe Flash 10.1 was not available for DROID 1 owners who had upgraded to Android 2.2. Verizon acknowledged the issue, and at the time, was unsure when/how it would be resolved. Good news! Droid-Life just got word that Adobe Flash 10.1 will be available for the...
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    FroYo update for DROID X delayed until early September

    For those of you eagerly anticipating FroYo for the DROID X, we have some (relatively) bad news. It seems that Motorola has delayed DROID X's 2.2 update until "early September", according to Motorola's official DROID X support forum: Now, this certainly isn't devastating news, as the update was...
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    Verizon to make FRG22 the official DROID 2.2 OTA

    yes. let me rephrase that in the OP
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    Verizon to make FRG22 the official DROID 2.2 OTA

    Update 8/6 @6:00PM EST: MDW is reporting that Android 2.2 update has been pulled, future update uncertain. Read here for more info Remember that oddly-timed FRG22 leak shortly after the FRG01b update hit Google's servers? Oddly-timed perhaps, but certainly no hoax, as Droid-Life is...