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  1. n0yxl

    Verizon Quietly Releases 2 New Plans: $75 Single Line 2GB & a Secret 2GB $60 'SAVE'

    I didn't see anything about unlimited voice and texts, is this included with the save plan?
  2. n0yxl

    Verizon Quietly Releases 2 New Plans: $75 Single Line 2GB & a Secret 2GB $60 'SAVE'

    I pay $30/mnth for unlimited data currently. How can $60/mnth for a paltry 2gb of data, be a good deal? Am I missing something here?
  3. n0yxl

    Apple and Samsung May be Negotiating to End Patent War

    I had to check the calendar, to make sure it was in fact Jan 1st -and not April 1st......:p
  4. n0yxl

    -[ROM] BAMF Paradigm v3.1 Android 4.2.2 for Nexus Devices!

    BAMF Greatness. I've been running their ROMs for a few years now, starting with the T-Bolt. I can say 1st hand, without a doubt - Stability and functionality are 1st priority with these guys. Their latest iteration is no exception. Top notch developers - bar none.
  5. n0yxl

    Is HTC Becoming Delusional? HTC Exec Claims Their Phones Have Samsung "worried"

    I would call HTC more or less senseless, than delusional.... They can't seem to suport existing products, let alone come up with ground-breaking new products. My completely disappointed/frustrated experience with my Thunderbolt makes my stay away from HTC, and will do so for quite some time...
  6. n0yxl

    Intel Teases 48-Core Mobile Processors Coming in 5 to 10 Years

    5-10 years is a long way out, especially for this industry. I should hope that these devices would offer stellar performance -in contrast to today's offerings.
  7. n0yxl

    The Galaxy Nexus may not be a U.S. carrier exclusive to VZW. Interesting that Sprint would choose such a high-profile device, to kick off their teeny-weeny LTE network.
  8. n0yxl

    [HURRY] Last Batch of HP Touchpads on eBay 12/11/11

    Darrr, I give up!
  9. n0yxl

    Massive Security Vulnerability In HTC Android Devices (EVO 3D, 4G, Thunderbolt, Other I am quite speechless right now. Justin Case and I have spent all day together with Trevor Eckhart (you may...
  10. n0yxl

    Verizon's Fall Guide Lists Thunderbolt with Gingerbread

    Meh, I'll believe it when I see it. VZW has been promising GB for the T-Bolt for, well, since last spring..... :laugh:
  11. n0yxl

    Only getting first 160 characters?

    Welcome to CDMA Networks. Damn 160 char limit. :icon_rolleyes: Use Handcent or similar SMS app to automatically split large messages.
  12. n0yxl

    Dropped Phone, screen cracked. Verizon BS

    Sorry to hear about your misfortune. It's going to be an insurance claim(obviously), hopefully the things can get straitened out between you, and the administrator.
  13. n0yxl

    What text messaging app do you use?

    I started using Handcent early '10 to get around the CDMA 160 char limit "flaw", been using it ever since. Highly customizable as well. Duh, winning!
  14. n0yxl

    General review, complaints, and info

    Well but if it isn't stickified it won't do much good either.
  15. n0yxl

    General review, complaints, and info

    This thread is turning into a in a hurry. Don't get me wrong, there is alot of good info to be read; it just needs to be broken into sections. It's terribly hard to self-educate, unless you've been following this thread religiously -which I have not. :icon_eek:
  16. n0yxl

    Apple is Suing Amazon for Trademark Infringement Over "Appstore"

    I'd like to stuff those Lawyers @Apple into a room full of hunger alligators. Let's see them try to sue their way out of that one. :)
  17. n0yxl

    Apple is Suing Amazon for Trademark Infringement Over "Appstore"

    What a load of crap from Apple. I'd like to dump a truck full of manure in front of Steve Jobs front door. Their business practices are obscenely greedy. I'll never buy an Apple product.
  18. n0yxl

    Might return mine today :(

    My Thunderbolt has Brett Favre Syndrome. It keeps waffling over the idea of going to/staying with 3G or 4G. It just can't make up it's damn mind, and it's driving me nuts! I can't stream ANY audio or video, because the handoffs kill the connection. I am also having sync problems as well. I...
  19. n0yxl

    Bootloader unlocked!

    But, Santa Claus isn't guess the keys are vaporware then. Sent from my Droid using DroidForums App