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    Star Blitz.. on Moto Droid

    I'd like to play Star Blitz on my OG Droid.. running Liquid Gingerbread, Android 2.3.4 @ 1.1GHz. It's free in the Android Market, but apparently restricted to certain devices and it won't let me download. I don't know if my phone will be able to handle it well, but I'd like to give it a shot...
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    Liquid Gingerbread v2.3 Release

    It's a mix of CM and AOSP.. last time the #s were given in the change log, it was only 25% CM source, 75% AOSP source.
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    Liquid Gingerbread v2.3 Release

    This may have been answered already, but here it goes. Liquid Settings does not remember my overclocking settings after a hard reboot. governor, max/min settings reset to default. I've been using 1100/250/interactive, but they're always reset. I'm not using setCPU. Suggestions?
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    DX won't share contacts over BT after GB update

    I'm posting this for a friend. Stock DX running GB, never rooted. He pairs the phone over bluetooth with his Mercedes Benz. On Froyo, the contacts were automatically shared with his car, so he could use the car controls to browse contacts (names and numbers), see full caller ID info (name...
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    {ROM RELEASE}ProjectElite v5 Gingerbread AOSP

    I don't have that problem, but I'm wondering if the HTC Calibrate app will do anything on our D1s.. I ran it, and completed it.. but I don't know if anything changed.
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    {ROM RELEASE}ProjectElite v5 Gingerbread AOSP

    Yes. I was getting 1450-1500 with my last ROM w/ SlayHer 1.1GHz.. topping out around 1150 with RZ 1.1GHZ now. Don't really care because this ROM is smooth and fast as hell.. but curious nonetheless.
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    {ROM} Gingerbread-ReBakedv2!

    I'm seeing this also, frequently it takes a second press to get Home.
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    So...BB 0.6 is still based on Froyo?

    SDK bases ROMs are garbage. These is the only gingerbread ROMs floating around at this point. Sometime soon we should see ROMs based on a leaked build.. maybe for a droid, maybe for something else and we will get a port. Eventually gingerbread source will be released and we will have aosp...
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    What is MIUI?

    If anyone wants to try MIUI but isn't too keen on losing the app drawer (I wasn't, because thats' freaking stupid), just use a launcher like LP or ADW and viola.. app drawer.
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    Droid warranty expiration

    CLNR Droid 1 arrived today. Didn't take the plastic off but I put my batt and sdcard in just to see if it worked. Overall the phone looks ok. I did notice the keyboard isn't inset as much as my current one on the left front corner. I feel like eventually the kb will peel up here because I...
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    Getting double messages on my Droid?

    Same thing has happened to me with my Droid since day 1.. it's infrequent and seems random. I don't let it bother me and never really looked for a solution :D
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    My pictures from my old phone keep disappearing

    One touch dialing: long press home screen -> motorola widgets -> something about personalized contact (I forget the widget name).
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    home screen redraws even with code

    Do you get redraws if you disable automatic screen rotation on homescreen? Do you ever use the homescreen in landscape?
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    How the heck do I set a wallpaper without cropping it?

    You are automatically forced to the crop procedure when setting a wallpaper, but you will be able to drag the square and not have to crop a correctly sized picture. Pictures that are too large will have to be cropped.
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    What is a multi-touch keyboard?

    What? It's not a marketing scheme.. not by a long shot. You can type faster on multi touch keyboards because your 2nd finger doesn't have to wait for the 1st finger to fully release a key press for its touch to register.
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    Droid warranty expiration

    shipping from Ontario, CA. Mean anything?
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    Droid warranty expiration

    Yup, called *611. First rep transferred me to Asurion support when I said I wanted to make a warranty claim, so I hung up. The next time I specified manufacturer warranty claim, the guy asked a few questions then transferred me to technical support. A few questions later I had a shipment for...
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    Droid warranty expiration

    Well that was painless.. new phone should arrive Monday.. hopefully it won't be a POS :o
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    Droid warranty expiration

    So whats the best number to call to get in touch with someone that can help with my warranty claim? plain old customer support?