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  1. carlz28

    So... new OTA is rolling out

    You're gonna want to take the OTA or the leak as the kernel and basebands are updated. With a locked bootloader, devs won't touch those aspects of the phone. The .886 software works with the new kernel and baseband, but we can't be sure if the .893 software will work with the old kernel and...
  2. carlz28

    OTA rolling out!

    I've seen several screenshots of people who said they got the ota and their about phone showed the baseband(lte part) ending with 01. I flashed the. 893 leak a few weeks ago and my baseband ends with 02. And all the letters are in caps. Attached is my screenshots. Anyone else able to verify this...
  3. carlz28

    Its finally here .... its finally been done. Come and get it

    I use the term EPIC only in rare circumstances, and this happens to be one of those times when EPIC is an understatement! Flashing CM7 right this moment! Can hardly wait for the boot up!!
  4. carlz28

    [Rumor] Droid Bionic Pictures Perhaps?

    +10000000 I get annoyed at people who say they don't like a phone because of its form factor.. There's 3 major forms...slabs, clamshell and sliders. The miniscule differences within each type is so trivial. What do you want a cellphone's form factor to be? In the shape of a pretzel? Maybe...
  5. carlz28

    [Rumor] Droid Bionic Pictures Perhaps?

    If they don't....I won't be getting this phone! :-P
  6. carlz28

    Adobe CEO 'Reconciles' With Apple; Can't Answer Why Poor Flash Support on Android

    I thought the same thing, but then took a different look at the phrasing... I took it as Android not being optimized for Flash...not the other way around. Flash has had several major updates since being released last year. And yet, according to many comments I personally have seen/read, Flash...
  7. carlz28

    Motorola Xoom Will Not Get 4G LTE Until Late Summer

    +1 I bought the 3G XOOM without a contract just because I wanted the device and didn't want to wait until the wifi only version came out. With the prospects of upgrading to 4G for a potential future selling point should I decide to get rid of the device, having the 4G capability would help me...
  8. carlz28

    Anyone have a dx2 camera on the dx?

    Droid X2 system dump, wallpapers, ringtones - Android Forums The system dump file will have the BlurCamera.apk in it.
  9. carlz28

    Android: Champ On Many Levels

    Good read! Thanks for the post. Thought it was a pretty fair assesement and mostly agreeable.
  10. carlz28

    Toshiba Thrive tablet

    +1 That just looks ugly IMO. I have the XOOM 3g and to be honest, the only other tablet out there or even being divulged right now that is anywhere as good as the XOOM is the ASUS Transformer. I guess each manuf. will have their own little feature(s) to tout however. To each his/her own :)
  11. carlz28

    Gingerbread missing "nav bar"?

    Thats the old launcher. The new launcher does not have that feature anymore.
  12. carlz28

    Its here!!!`

    Enjoy GB folks! Been running the leaks for awhile now and I think you will be happy with this update. Lots of changes for the better!
  13. carlz28

    [Rumor] Verizon Steps Up Detecting & Stopping Unapproved Tethering with Gingerbread

    The only device I really tether anymore is my Xoom tablet. And I don't use wireless tether or PDAnet or Barnacle..etc. I use the Bluetooth method. I never get redirected...havent since the GB update either (on the Droid X) The connection is quick and fast as my 3G on the phone. I have no clue...
  14. carlz28

    ASUS Eee Pad Transformer with Android 3.1 Supports Xbox360 and PS3 Controllers

    Agreed. Its nothing special to the Transformer. It's a Honeycomb 3.1 option. I tried it on my Xoom 2 weeks ago and it worked flawlessly. Certainly not a newsworthy note specifically for the Transformer. I'm not knocking the device. I'm sure its a great piece of hardware. But why wasn't this...
  15. carlz28

    Gingerbread PEOPLE!

    Yeah I heard a few issues. None affected me. Well, I shouldn't say that. Those damn button lights are too damn bright. And according to a poster on a diff. forum, its still the same with .596. I'm glad the lights got brighter over Froyo...but I think it went TOO bright. I get lots of bleeding...
  16. carlz28

    Gingerbread PEOPLE!

    Wondering if it'll be in the TBH app first or if it'll be linked on his site for everyone. Either way...I hope there are multiple upload mirrors! I'm on .595 and no issues at all, I just want to say I have the official build :P
  17. carlz28

    Gingerbread PEOPLE!

    Not 100% sure yet. He tweeted there will be different formats to upgrade to/from. I'm sure he will make a version that you can go from stock/rooted Froyo to rooted GB. And probably from .595 GB to .596 GB. Just have to wait and see. But the good thing is, you can still SBF back to Froyo even if...
  18. carlz28

    Gingerbread PEOPLE!

    Ugh, so they DIDN'T fix that from the leaks! Grrr. Its tooooo bright now. The light bleeds out of the buttons. Oh well.
  19. carlz28

    Gingerbread PEOPLE!

    Officially, yes. Because when your device checks-in, your build.prop will show the build as .595, not .340....and won't recognize that you're available for an update.
  20. carlz28

    TBH App

    Its a paid only app.