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    Star Blitz.. on Moto Droid

    I'd like to play Star Blitz on my OG Droid.. running Liquid Gingerbread, Android 2.3.4 @ 1.1GHz. It's free in the Android Market, but apparently restricted to certain devices and it won't let me download. I don't know if my phone will be able to handle it well, but I'd like to give it a shot...
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    DX won't share contacts over BT after GB update

    I'm posting this for a friend. Stock DX running GB, never rooted. He pairs the phone over bluetooth with his Mercedes Benz. On Froyo, the contacts were automatically shared with his car, so he could use the car controls to browse contacts (names and numbers), see full caller ID info (name...
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    Droid warranty expiration

    Thinking about putting in a warranty claim on my OG Droid.. My speaker crackles a lot now and my power button broke (doesn't click any more). Purchased Nov 6, 2009, I thought it had a 1 year warranty.. but entering my SN on Moto's site, it says my warranty expires in Jan, 2011. Does that sound...
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    Background remains after wipe data/cache/boot/system

    Flashed LFY 1.6 yesterday, coming from LFY 1.5. In 1.5, my background was Droid X background, located on sdcard/download, set through gallery. I wiped data/cache 3x, boot and system once each, then flashed the non-themed LFY1.6 On boot into LFY 1.6, my background was still...
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    "wallpapers" disappeared

    Wallpapers disappeared as an option from the wallpaper selection menu. I'm left with gallery, live wallpapers, and wallpaper gallery (that's the dir associated with adw.) So with wallpapers missing I can't set default wallpapers anymore including the custom SS paper. These were definitely here...
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    No Facebook walls on full site. Sapp or no?

    Don't know if this is a sapphire issue or not. I have not tried restoring any backups to test. My phone, running Sapphire 1.0.0 with Gala S theme will not display Walls, Wall posts, or whatever you want to call it on the full site using the stock browser, or Dolphin HD. The...
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    Sapphire 1.0.0 home screen scrolling

    Home screen scrolling on Sapphire 1.0.0 is a little bit choppy compared to the last two built from source roms I've used (lith mod, insane nemesis). Any suggestions how to smooth things out a bit? I mainly run ADW launcher. Using stock 1GHZ kernel
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    about:debug broken (1.1 and froyo)

    Flashed BB 0.1 FroYo this morning. Installed flash. Typed about:debug in browser so I could enable desktop broadcast and see if I could get Hulu working. Browser just sat there, not responding to my request. I thought perhaps something was wrong with this ROM on my Droid, as I've never had a...
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    NexTheme -> Stock Font

    Just flashed 1.1 with NexTheme from ROM Manager last night.. this is my first go-around with NexTheme on any ROM, and so far so good, except I can't get used to the font and wish to return to stock font. Does anyone have the stock font zip? And Can I just install it using method in...
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    Beautiful Home -- font selection

    Beautiful Home -- font selection *solved* Changing the font in Beautiful widgets beautiful home doesn't do a daaaaaamned thing for me.. i.e. no font ever changes. Anyone else experience this?
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    Gmail delivery slowwww!!

    Having problems with gmail app sending out emails.. Attempting to send an emails with a ~1mb picture attached, but they do not get delivered for hours. I see no 3g network activity after clicking send, like it doesn't even care.. I will try clearing the app's cache after the current emails I...
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    Phone forgetting default "Home" App

    My Droid forgets that I have selected HelixLauncher as my default Home app EVERY TIME I long press the Home button to bring up the app switcher. It doesn't matter if I select an app from the switcher or not.. the association is lost and I have to reselect HelixLauncher as default on next...