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    Dock always pops into Desk Clock app

    any new info on this man? got a friend that wants this, or just wants to be able to get Text messages or Gmail notifications while in the "dark" clock mode.
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    How to Toggle 4G Off/On?

    yeah, you need to be running a custom ROM i believe. FWIW, i am on AOKP buld 31 and there is a toggle available to put in the notification bar that toggles 4g on/off directly.
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    Is the Nexus really all that?

    OP, i know the Maxx spoiled you in terms of battery life....but if you lived with the OG droid for this long, the Nexus had better battery life than the OG droid IMO. FWIW, after rooting and ROM'ing, i got a solid 14 hours with 2 hrs creen on time, with some heavy data usage over 4g the entire...
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    Galaxy Nexus Docking Stations

    its for real....HDMI port and all that jazz....still a little too high if you ask me. maybe worth it for like $30 but not $50+. i got a charging dock (only charges does not do HDMI) for $8 shipped off ebay and it works just fine.
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    Out of town Nexus use

    oh you mean your 3g only 3.5" screen device has a better battery than a 4g phone with a 1" larger and higher resolution screen...weird in all seriousness, being rooted with a custom ROM and Kernal, this phone has pretty great battery life. i got 13 hours on constant 4g, 15 minutes call time, 30...
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    Navbar mod help

    you can use ninjamorph and a file explorer. i change out my icons on every ROM i flash and this works every time. i have been having issues with ninjamorph/metamorph/zipthemer ever since upgrading to 4.0.3. but basically, open Ninjamorph start new project system/app/systemui.apk close NM...
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    Galaxy Nexus portrait dock with HDMI available

    agreed.....while the HDMI function would be nice, i never had the need for it on any of my previous phones and havn't wanted it on the nexus. i am about 80% happy with my $7 shipped vertical dock i got off ebay. other than being an ultra tight fit, it does what i need it to do.
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    Green lines across screen

    rooting shouldn't have anything to do with it. if the reboots are continuing i would take it back. that is not normal. i think i have had maybe 1 or 2 random reboots since i got the phone 2 months ago. also, there may be a rogue app out there that wants to take your phone hostage. its hard...
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    Care to recomend your favorite ROM's and Kernels?

    I am running the latest Axiom/AOKP 4.0.4 crossbread ROM with black exodus theme, and Frankos Milestone 2 kernal and finding great battery life....heavy use, LTE full time, 1.5 hours of streaming, 20 minutes phone calls, 15-20 texts, 1.5 hours of screen on time, 6.5 hours on the battery and i was...
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    The question about razr maxx and nexus extended battery

    if you get the extended battery, you will always have the stock battery as a backup. thats what i do. when i know i am going to be away from a charger for more than 12 hours i slip the extended in the phone, and slip the stock battery in my pocket. then just swap them out when needed. not a...
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    [Flashaholic's] what's your ROM setup routine?

    after a clean wipe i skip the sign in open up the play store sign in download TiBackup and the Pro Key (pro is amazing because you just hit batch restore and it does need to hit install for every app) open Ti Menu>batch restore>missing apps with data run while that is running i usually...
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    If you could would you switch you galaxy nexus for HTC ONE X ?

    Nope. This is the first device i have had without having buyers remorse. Original droid in 2010, wanted a droid X got Droid X, wanted thunderbolt 3 weeks later got thunderbolt, wanted bionic,charge, got Nexus havent even considered another phone (except the SGSIII which won be available until...
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    Franco's kernel

    thats weird. it may be an app that is draining your battery, but then again, not every phone is the same. i have had great success with Frankos kernal on every ROM i have used. it seems to be the fastest/smoothest for me with acceptable battery life.
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    Any themes for "older" eyes?

    there are a few themes out there that use simple black and white (white icons on black background) not sure they are on this forum, but they are at for sure (sorry due to forum rules i cannot link to that site) there are also some settings in accessbility and display to get the...
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    Best root apps

    I could not use my phone without Root explorer or titanium backup. i also have wifi tether, ROM toolbox (tons to customize in there) Set CPU, NinjaMorph, and Franco.Kernal app. the first 2 i use ALL THE TIME, the others i could get rid of if i wanted but each one does something that the built...
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    Hot hot hot

    not a huge deal. my only suggestion would be to use 3g instead of 4g (if that was on 4g) since it is pulling data, having GPS on, and charging all at the same time. i had my Droid X up to 120 F once. so this phone should be able to handle that temp. i just wouldn't want it that hot for that long.
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    Download unsecessful?

    I was, just go Settings>apps>all>download manager>clear data/cache and force stop it. then give it a go. worked for me. and i was having the exact same problem.
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    [How-To] DIY SoftKeys Mods

    its weird. Finally got it working. i did use the droidpirate metamorph, and had the latest busybox installed. i would use ninjamorph and after adding the first image i would go to add the second image, but the first image never took. i opened es file explorer, copied all the images, and pasted...
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    [How-To] DIY SoftKeys Mods

    wondering if anyone has been able to change the icons in the latest (builds 23 and 24) AOKP ROM's. i did it successfully using NinjaMorph in build 22, but as soon as build 23 was out, the images weren't sticking. tried metamorph and got the same thing. not really sure why, i have NEVER had an...
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    Camera quality?

    Just a general many of you wipe the lens clean of fingerprints before taking a picture. unless i am trying to snap a quick one, i do it every time.