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  1. microsnook & down!

    Will the INC still get MIUI?
  2. microsnook

    Help please. Cyanogen mod 7 won't install

    Are you running a custom recovery, such as clockwork?
  3. microsnook

    [THEME] [Release] DarkEdge UI 2.2

    Unfortunately. This theme is so badass.
  4. microsnook

    [THEME] [Release] DarkEdge UI 2.2

    Why is it so dead?
  5. microsnook

    [THEME] [Release] DarkEdge UI 2.2

    +1!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dark Edge was the best theme available.
  6. microsnook

    [THEME] PALADIN /D2 Liberty 2.0.1

    Awesome work!
  7. microsnook

    New Version of Android Market gets Leaked Along with Google Music App and other stuff

    Cool a new alarm clock. They should include a stopwatch in it this time. Im excited for the new apps!
  8. microsnook

    What ROM should I get?

    I just got this phone yesterday as well! I flashed the MIUI and i have to say that its pretty amazing... I kinda wanna flash CM7 or UD but I dont know if I want to leave this rom! Have fun! The DINC rocks
  9. microsnook

    And the Nexus S 4G Goes To.... Sprint

    Amen! I would be all over that.
  10. microsnook

    Cyanogenmod on DROID X?

    We can only hope!
  11. microsnook

    Kernels on the way?

    Man that makes me angry :(
  12. microsnook

    Kernels on the way?

    Motorola Sholes’s Bootloader Key Leaked By Developer; Custom ROMs to Follow? | Android Phone Fans Awesome news for those of use dreading our locked down D2's and DX's!
  13. microsnook

    D2 Port Over On XDA (*Still ALPHA*)

    I really hope the devs go take a look over there. [ROM] [MIUI] MIUI 1.3.11 Porting effort to the D2 (not working yet) - xda-developers Any advice will help!
  14. microsnook

    D2 Port Over On XDA (*Still ALPHA*)

    There is a work in progress over on the XDA wedsite for a port of the latest MIUI rom to the Droid2! They are having a few issues, and I was wondering if you devs could help them out? That would be awesome to get the rom on the D2! Thank you : )
  15. microsnook

    no clock update for status bar

    Post pictures of the blue honeycomb clock in action please! : )
  16. microsnook

    what to get droid x or thunderbolt?

    TB. No question. DX is out of date.
  17. microsnook

    [ROM]One small step for man one giant leap for --- Liberty 1.5 2/2/2011

    Any new updates coming for Liberty?
  18. microsnook

    Linear For Liberty v1.5

    How can I only flash the lockscreen portion of this theme?
  19. microsnook

    More Pics of Droid 3 Leaked

    I hope it would have a front facing camera. And a few other new features.
  20. microsnook

    [THEME] OreoSlice "Liberty's favorite cookie"

    Droidzforlife, did you ever make that lockscreen font change zip? Thank you!