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  1. LadyAngler


    Let Freedom Ring! Thank you a million times over!:hail: LOL & +1 @ Hero's don't wear capes they wear dog tags!:biggrin:
  2. LadyAngler

    [THEME] Xparent and HEAVILY Themed DroidForums App by B-boy and Droid DOES!!

    Fabulous work guys!:hail: You two do make a great team. I rated 5 stars. I love that new feature over here on DF.
  3. LadyAngler

    [THEME] [BETA] +~+~+~Rockin' Rainbows+~+~+ Das Bamf Forever 1.0.6

    OMG...Yaaaay! The new RR stuff in here is super cute! I do believe the data/butterfly is my new favorite thing. We also got the usb storage hearts back. Thank you Cakes! Loving how DF looks now too! So professional.dancedroid
  4. LadyAngler

    [Theme] BNB for Eclipse 0.5

    Howdy do!!! Glad to see you still theming Xkape. Theme looks great! I know is ported from Bowers. But I know you have some of your stuff in there too. Just popped over to see how you were doing. :-) ~¤~Sent by a Bolt aka Angry Bird Slayer~¤~
  5. LadyAngler

    My name is Droid DOES!!

    Lol I'm sorry. This is GREAT though. :-). You truly deserve it DD. ~¤~Sent by a Bolt aka Angry Bird Slayer~¤~
  6. LadyAngler

    My name is Droid DOES!!

    Wow! You have your very own section! This ROCKS! Go DD! So happy for you my lil buddy! ;-) ~¤~Sent by a Bolt aka Angry Bird Slayer~¤~
  7. LadyAngler

    Google+... INVERTED....

    Thanka for inverted google+. Much sweeter. :-) Beer money in the mail lol ~¤~Sent by a Bolt aka Angry Bird Slayer~¤~
  8. LadyAngler

    Droid Bionic Launching August 4th?

    You've killed your D1! Omg! Musta been all that flashing lol. Hope bionic comes for you soon. :-) ~¤~Sent by a Bolt aka Angry Bird Slayer~¤~
  9. LadyAngler

    [Release] Untouchable Skin by Droid DOES!!

    DD will eventually want to be on GB himself. But moving from froyo to gb will be almost like having to do the theme from scratch again. Not quite. But almost. He can use alot of what is in his theme and at least has a base to work from. But it will be completely different. Be patient he will get...
  10. LadyAngler

    [Release][WIP Theme] Untouchable BAMF by Droid DOES!!

    Hey DD! Looks nice I think. Crisp, clean and polished! dancedroid
  11. LadyAngler

    Welcome Addison Kaye!!

    OH MY!!! Addison is Gorgeous! :icon_ banana: What an amazing miracle for you and your wife. So exciting! I'm soooo happy for you both!
  12. LadyAngler

    [Release][WIP Theme] Untouchable BAMF by Droid DOES!!

    Time to celebrate! Woot! You worked so hard on this DD! Very happy for you buddy! Your theme is looking really awesome too!dancedroid
  13. LadyAngler

    Happy Birthday Corinacakes!!!!!

    Yaaaaaaaay! Happy Birthday to you! Wish I could bake you a nice big cake. Hope you have a wonderful day. Bolt-pigs in angry birds won't see it coming till it hits them!
  14. LadyAngler


    Sweet! So I guess I don't need to make you one now. :-P Good is a little hard for me to tame myself down! And this way will be zactly how you like it! :-D
  15. LadyAngler


    Yup. Prolly was exactly what you were trying to tell me what to do Mad. LOL I know this isn't your style guys but I will show you anyway. LOL
  16. LadyAngler


    I got it! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! I themed one of those handcent skins and that works and installs just fine. :-D Plus, I found where to apply it! Duhr!
  17. LadyAngler


    Thanks so much! :-) Yea. I made my own handcent theme with conversation list and bubble settings. But I wanna go a little further. The popup widget is ugly. LOL I found some hancent skins where it will change top bar and the widget today on the market and I tried those. While the skins do...
  18. LadyAngler


    Okay will do. Thank you! I don't think that's it though because I deleted via RE prior to installing my resigned one.
  19. LadyAngler


    I have themed handcent in the past. But now I'm having trouble. Even asked my buddy Tallica. He says he has same problem. I have tested every way I can think of. Including the following: Deleted meta and resigned. Made no changes to hdpi. After I install in astro. Handcent won't open. Nothing...
  20. LadyAngler

    It's Lady Angler's Birthday!!!!

    Thank you so much! I've had a really wonderful day. Love you guys! Bolt-pigs in angry birds won't see it coming till it hits them!