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    will not donload over network

    My note 2 will not download email attachments, files from web, or applications unless I am on the wifi. I have checked my settings in the play store and that option is not selected. I do not see anythign in the data portion of the phone settings that woudl have been toggled on to stop this...
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    Media Server....How to kill it

    Media Server is main drain on my battery. I have reformatted my SD card just in case I had a file on there tripping it up and nothing. It continues to drain my batery even though I am not utilizing any media players or files. So can someone tell me how to kill this process or which...
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    smart actions like app

    Coming from a Razr I LOVED the smart actions app. I could have it auto turn off wifi while at work to conserve battery and numerous other things. Is there anything out there that works like that and will function with the Note 2? The biggest benefit I would use it for right now would be to...
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    Rhapsody not able to sync

    Anyone else use rhapsody? I am not able to have tracks download from the app to my phone nor transfer them from the rhapsody computer app to the phone. Frustrating since I use it for music. I am able to sync to the older Droid X but not to the Bionic. Any help would be awesome
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    GPS over Bluetooth

    I ride a motorcycle and as such I have a bluetooth headset so that I can stream music and such or recieve a call from the wife if needed. I have never been able to get the GPS to work right over bluetooth. Has anyone gotten it to work and could share some insight? I am currently using a...
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    Updates and downloads

    I had downloaded a file the other day and now can not find my way back to that DL screen to access it again. I also can not figure out where it is. Sure I can get the file if I unmount my SD card but that is retarded to me. So where can I go to access those files? Also is there a place...