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  1. MyDroid23

    Class action lawsuit against Verizon

    For those of you experiencing unacceptable issues with the Galaxy Nexus I think it's time for someone to lay the law on these irresponsible suits. I am sick and tired of having dropped calls when I try to answer a phone call, loss of data, and no missed call on my phone log when the person...
  2. MyDroid23

    Losing data connection and calls a hardware issue or LTE tower problem?

    In my 2+yrs with VZW I have never experienced a dropped call or loss of data unexpectedly. After 7 days of owning what is supposed to be Google's flagship 4G/LTE device is falling short on a stable connection to data and or phone calls. I have read over and over different sites with people with...
  3. MyDroid23

    Can I backup my ps3 data onto my Droid 1?

    I need to backup data from my ps3 so, I can send it in for a warranty fix. Since I don't have a memory stick I was hoping I would be able to use my phone to store my ps3 data. Will this reformat or change my sd card settings for my phone? Thanks!!!
  4. MyDroid23

    Help flash player won't work properly

    Hey guys, I haven't been able to see videos on non-mobile websites I'm used to seeing it on. I noticed this when I flashed over the miui rom from the latest bugless beast and downloaded flash player from the market. I'm used to seeing videos on the non-mobile websites for,, and...
  5. MyDroid23

    Easy way to change the color of text

    I'm running bbv0.5 with smoked glass w/blue. It's almost impossible to see text when searching something on google/google widget. How do I change the text from black to white?
  6. MyDroid23


    Has anyone had the chance to dl and try frg22d off of Is this v.5? I have searched and searched and I don't see threads or information pertaining to his new release.
  7. MyDroid23

    Lost my imobsters data. Please Help

    I've had no problem switching from rom to rom without losing my imobster data. About a month ago I decided to go froyo and noticed that all my imobster data was lost. Is there a way for me to get it back? Sucks I spent so much time leveling up just to lose it all.
  8. MyDroid23

    Help! Weird Battery issue

    The last two roms I've had running ran into a high display % draining my battery and not charging. My first rom I experienced this with was BB1.1. After running BB1.1 for about a couple of months I left my phone on the wall charger overnight>woke up to see my phone did not charge and it was...
  9. MyDroid23

    Screen stays dark after ending call in speaker phone

    Is there a way to have to the screen awake after ending call using speaker phone?
  10. MyDroid23

    Hello Android owners

    I've been a member and proud owner(droid) for almost a month now...been spending lots of time reading past/new threads..tons of information. A big THANKS to everyone on this forum contributing useful info. So far I have no complaints and I absolutely love my DROID. :heart::motdroidhoriz::icon_...