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  1. xmguy


    Get Spirit FM. Not only is it STEREO it's got Digital options if rooted. I've been using it for years. It's on the Google Play Store. Or search Mikereids on google.
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    Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Pre-orders Start Tomorrow (Sept. 19th); Available Oct. 17th

    Shocked it's not Water Resistant. That's why I bought the S5.
  3. xmguy

    How To Root Latest OTA 4.4.4 Verizon Galaxy S5

    If this roots that's all well and great. But does it trip Knox (0x0)? If so I would rather wait for a better root method. I'm on 4.4.2 and used TowelRoot.
  4. xmguy

    Rooted S4, 4.3 OTA Failing

    Unrooted (OTA Root keep) and removed manually and via app safe strap. However the OTA 4.3 update will not take I was able to redownload and try to install in recovery to see failing reason. I now see error Verifying current system... "/system/csc/feature.xml" has unexpected contents. E:error...
  5. xmguy

    How Goes Your 4.3 Update?

    I went ahead and tried to install the update. I unrooted and manually removed Safestrap. But I get an error when it's installing in recovery and it fails.
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    How Goes Your 4.3 Update?

    I'm staying on MI1 until Safestrap and Root is complete before I update to 4.3.
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    Software Upgrade Rolling Out For Verizon phones

    How can I block the OTA update with Titanium Backup? Sent from my (Verizon) Samsung Galaxy S4 using Droid Forums
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    Commando 4G

    Guys I'm looking at buying the Commando 4G. Those of you all that have it, is it a good phone? Any issues? I know its got a FM radio which is a must for me. I want a phone that is military spec tough too! Sent from my (Verizon) Samsung Galaxy S4 using Droid Forums
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    Looking at getting the Commando 4G, need info

    I'm looking at getting the Casio commando 4g. I'm also looking at the Droid Maxx and the HTC One. What I like about the Commando is the rugged ability and the FM Radio (yes FM radio). I have the Galaxy S4 now and have a upgrade coming in Oct and have got those 3 in mind. Now I know the specs...
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    Samsung Galaxy S4 Battery

    This is my battery life. On average. X2 with 2 standard batteries! Sent from my (Verizon) Samsung Galaxy S4 using Droid Forums
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    Post pictures taken with your Galaxy S4

    Sunrise on a rural Tennessee farm. Sent from my (Verizon) Samsung Galaxy S4 using Droid Forums
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    Samsung Galaxy S4 Battery

    I use 2 standard size samsung batteries and a external Samsung charger. That way one is always charging while one is in use. Or if both charged, combined I have 5,400 mAh of use. But I don't loose the slim profile. Just watch and get the battery charger and kit off Amazon or eBay from a US...
  13. xmguy

    AMOLED / Replacement issues?

    Yeah the S4 does use Pentile display. But its nowhere as bad as some of the Motorola phones I've had that were pentile. This is at such his resolutions and PPI that it doesn't show. But I guess if I'm seeing these hues it must. The note 2 may not be pentile but its lower 720p resolution and...
  14. xmguy

    Svdo on 3g?

    Does the Droid Maxx/Ultra support SVDO (data and voice on 3G)? The RAZR Maxx HD and wondered if the successor does too. This seems to be a dying add on. Sent from my (Verizon) Samsung Galaxy S4 using Droid Forums
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    s4 or s3? Sent from my (Verizon) Samsung Galaxy S4 using Droid Forums
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    Samsung Announces the 'Galaxy Golden' Dual-Screen Android Flip-Phone

    Same here too. I use my 12GB per month for streaming radio only. With a bit of YouTube in there too. But it adds up. FM radio doesn't use data. Simply put carriers and FM radio is kind of like the prohibition of the 20ms. The government didn't care if people drank. But when they couldn't tax it...
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    Samsung Announces the 'Galaxy Golden' Dual-Screen Android Flip-Phone

    Yep they still do. In a world where data plans are capped. FM radio is data plan free. However that's why Verizon and other US carriers eliminate FM from their phones. To force people to use their data plans. Sent from my (Verizon) Samsung Galaxy S4 using Droid Forums
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    s4 or s3?

    Yeah I've had the S4 for 3 weeks now. Aside from some display quality issues. The battery life seems solid. I have 2 OEM 2600 mAh batteries and Samsung external charger. So I always have juice. Better than carrying around a POS Bionic that was slow as the winter is long and a battery+phone that...
  19. xmguy

    AMOLED / Replacement issues?

    Can't do that. It was a alternate replacement from a Motorola Bionic. So I have to take CLNRs. The one I have seems OK. Albeit a little off white. But all the AMOLED phones I've had have been that way. I just wondered if it was normal? I figured Samsung did a better job at refurbishing them than...
  20. xmguy

    AMOLED / Replacement issues?

    Hello, I've had 3 VZW GS4s and each has had a strange quirk with the Super AMOLED panel. The first one had a pink/purple tint/hue toward the top (near the Samsung logo). Second one didn't have the pink hue but when the phone was tilted a bit the entire screen almost turned a green hue. Also...