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  1. mjdurango

    [ROM] [Rom] Liberty3 V2.0 For The D3 11/28 - Sunday Bloody Sunday!

    Ok now I have used the 1.08 safestrap, and I ran into zero problems what so ever.
  2. mjdurango

    [ROM] [Rom] Liberty3 V2.0 For The D3 11/28 - Sunday Bloody Sunday!

    I have not used it yet however I downloaded safestrap 1.08. I believe I got that at rootswikki.
  3. mjdurango

    Cursor keeps spacing? Random periods?

    Well we can put this one to rest, thanks to the OTA Angels of mercy.
  4. mjdurango

    Cursor keeps spacing? Random periods?

    As far as I know there isn't a fix. I was lucky as I bought a extended warranty and Verizon sent me a new rectified phone. I hope you have an extended warranty. If not maybe this problem will be addressed in the new update Verizon is supposed to be releasing. Oh and I know exactly what it is...
  5. mjdurango

    strange missmatch error

    Hello all, I have a droid x and I have it rooted and darkslide 1.0 rom installed. I am a consimate believer that backups are a must not a conveniancel. Now that being said I backup after every change. However I went in an tested my backups and found that when I do this I get a md5 sum error...
  6. mjdurango

    Need help please.

    There may be a way. Try this. First to stop the boot loop pull the battery. Now plug your phone in.Once you have your phone plugged in and the battery back in, power up the phone and don't touch anything. With any luck your phone will boot into clockwork recovery. If this works then do this. go...
  7. mjdurango

    Halloween Double-Special - SS 4.9 and SSX 1.0!!

    Android Master I have posted this in a couple places. I as many are, of the opinion that Chevy has become an Android Master. I salute you Chevy. Here is a special picture I hope you like. If you want it bigger I got for you and only you. May the code be with you.
  8. mjdurango

    All Ultimate Droid Support Will Be Handled Here !!

    I love your avatar!
  9. mjdurango

    rom manager ; clockworkmod recovery problem

    Also if you are having this problem then you are in the mojarity not the minarity. I have tried all kinds of things. The fellow that said if you persist you will get it to work. I usually do that first and if that doesn't work than try running the fix permissions. If that doesn't work than I...
  10. mjdurango

    Horrific WiFi speeds - Droid X bug

    Any one try a dual band router?
  11. mjdurango

    Easy Root apk

    easyroot Hello I just wanted to tell you that yes I got mine within fifteen minutes although I did donate a whopping $4.99.Con't know if that has anything to do with it.
  12. mjdurango

    Easy Root apk

    When you first log in to droid forums click the control panel on the right side of the page then look down towards the bottom of the drop down menu and you will see custom roms, themes, and a few more that pertain to various other things for other things. This will get you started.
  13. mjdurango

    Looking for a good wallpaper switching app

    App for switching wallpapers I got a program called wallswitch. It does a good job with static wall papers and it has allot of options. I have not really explored the program all that much. So I really don't know if it does live wallpapers'
  14. mjdurango

    The Official Google Voice Invite Request Thread

    Need a Google Voice invite Please. Hello folks I am hoping a get lucky and have a Google voice user send me an invitation. I Thank you in advance. Michael J Dowling My Google email is : :greendroid: