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  1. wsbsteven

    On my 4th Bionic..

    This happened with my droidx. I will never make a warranty claim unless it's something major. It took a month to get a working phone. I changed phone models many times and they all had issues. It wasnt fixed until they let me have a new one.
  2. wsbsteven

    Notification sounds wake me up!

    +1 for Bedside in the market. Been using it for a long time and it has not failed me yet.
  3. wsbsteven

    Car Dock and Car home app

    I have the extended battery and for me the car dock works with or without the insert but with the insert I did have a problem one time with it not loading. I never had an issue without the plastic insert but the phone seems kind of loose in there without it but it didn't look like it would fall...
  4. wsbsteven

    Netflix audio trouble

    I was watching Ken Burns: Civil War last night before bed and I had the clicking sound in my head phones. I'm completely stock unrooted using the latest Netflix. It has only happened in Netflix from what I've seen so far.
  5. wsbsteven

    Bionic Not Getting ANY Data! (1.2 hours on tech support)

    I had a similar issue with my thunderbolt but it was the 4G that stopped working after the first day. Replacing the sim card allowed it to work within 50 feet of the verizon store but I asked them to swap it out and the problem went away.
  6. wsbsteven

    "Official"? Bionic battery life thread

    I noticed that my battery life started to go down when I turned on bluetooth. I don't have it configured to pair to anything but in two hours it drained 12% of my 60% total drained which is 4% more than the screen which was on for over an hour. It will be something to keep an eye out for.
  7. wsbsteven

    Bionic ONLINE Scavenger Hunt!

    I used the Arena app twice tonight and it was interesting. It was easier to do them in large parking lots I found but you do end up driving around like a crazy person. I'll stick to the online version from now on.
  8. wsbsteven

    Bionic ONLINE Scavenger Hunt!

    What is everybody's fastest time? I was able to get all four in about 6 seconds when I got lucky on their location.
  9. wsbsteven

    Bionic ONLINE Scavenger Hunt!

    I had to go down the highway for a minute or two of straight clicking so I remembered this address being a long straight line. 9005 state route 4 staunton, il There are no subdivisions here, just a straight line highway.
  10. wsbsteven

    HTC Thunderbolt Vs Droid Bionic

    I have used d1 dx dx2 d3 and now Thunderbolt as my primary phone. The thunderbolt has been the best so far because of the 4g speed and the amount of custom hacks that can be done. I have been stuck behind a locked bootloadet since dx launched and I totally forgot what freedom felt like. With...
  11. wsbsteven

    True or False: Xoom production has stopped

    False. You have my permission to use a fly swatter to smash the prancing fairy. Sent from my Xoom using Tapatalk
  12. wsbsteven

    Facebook -error occured while fetching data

    I also get the error on the galaxy tab. Doesn't bother me much though since I don't use Facebook often. Sent from my Samsung Galaxy Tablet
  13. wsbsteven

    Sticker Shock! What were they thinking?

    Also if you purchased apps like the slingbox app that cost 20-30$ or just lots.of 1-2$ apps you may find yourself saving money going with android by not having to repurchase them. Sent from my Samsung Galaxy Tablet
  14. wsbsteven

    Verizon Tab vs Tmobile Tab

    The Verizon and bestbuy stores here all make you sign up for one month of service no matter if you buy it outright or not. When I got mine from the Verizon store I asked the manager for free activation and they took care of it. Sent from my Samsung Galaxy Tablet
  15. wsbsteven

    Way to get into phone through internet?

    There are wireless adb apps in the market but I've never used one. You would have to setup the routing manually if you wanted to do it over the net though. Sent from my Samsung Galaxy Tablet
  16. wsbsteven

    How to do Wifi file transfers from computer to Droid X?

    Dropbox works great too. Sent from my Samsung Galaxy Tablet
  17. wsbsteven

    Droid 2 Global and Droid X Processors?

    Like spaz above, I don't know the specifics but from what I understand they are of similar families but probably a different revision. Sent from my Samsung Galaxy Tablet
  18. wsbsteven

    Samsung Galaxy Tab pricing

    Problem is people compare the ipad wifi only to the galaxy wifi plus 3g. The ipad with 3g is 629 so it's that vs 599 not 599 vs 499. Sent from my Samsung Galaxy Tablet
  19. wsbsteven

    z4root not working for me

    Make sure you clear your super user app permissions in case that is causing the problem. Sent from my Samsung Galaxy Tablet
  20. wsbsteven - Streaming TV

    The networks don't want to be broadcast across the internet which is why filmon got court ordered to stop showing the local broadcasts on their site. Slingbox is going to be your best option and I know you don't want to hear about it but you won't find anything better than it. Sent from my...