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  1. zomnomnombie

    Is keeping ulimited worth it anymore?

    -You'll be adding about $25, depending on the phone you get, a month. -Over two years that's $600. -New phones cost about $300-$600. -You lose unlimited data and pay the same amount you're paying now. -It seems, to me, that it is more efficient to save $25 a month for two years and buy the...
  2. zomnomnombie

    Flappy Birds Creator Wants to Save Us From Ourselves (and his addictive game)

    This didn't create violence but if I heard something like that I know I would be upset. I would probably not take it down but I would definitely have to step away for a while.
  3. zomnomnombie

    Flappy Birds Creator Wants to Save Us From Ourselves (and his addictive game)

    -A man is entitled to his personal beliefs. -He is also entitled to determine whether he wishes to share the product of his hard work or not.
  4. zomnomnombie

    Best Buy Glitch? (Getting Phone at Contract Price while Keeping Unlimited)

    I think something similar happened recently and they ended up letting people keep the devices but they closed the loophole.
  5. zomnomnombie

    Sales of Moto X

    I just ordered mine with the teak finish yesterday. Chrome or steel would be interesting. If they do a Moto X refresh I wouldn't put it past them. Lenovo, who is buying Motorola, is known in the laptop world for using premium materials in their construction. I use their ThinkPad line and...
  6. zomnomnombie

    If group messaging(mms) is important you DO NOT want a Moto X

    -I think they are going to make Hangouts the default messenger app going forward. -Hangouts can be used as a standalone SMS app. -The Google+ functionality is not required.
  7. zomnomnombie

    Is keeping ulimited worth it anymore?

    -If you have unlimited data changing your plan will make you lose unlimited data forever. -For most people unlimited data saves them money under 4 GB of usage. -An exception to this is if your plan is already over $100 before unlimited data. Then you are probably spending more keeping...
  8. zomnomnombie

    Got to hand it to you!

    Exactly. Google got future money out of it.
  9. zomnomnombie

    can i make my led flash when i get a call or text

    I imagine you mean camera flash LED. -Open up Play Store. -Search for flash notification. -Install one that seems good. -Repeat previous steps until satisfied.
  10. zomnomnombie

    ★ The Official 2013 NFL Season Thread ★

    I would like that. That's much more interesting.
  11. zomnomnombie

    ★ The Official 2013 NFL Season Thread ★

    The extra point change makes no sense. -The 7th point is essentially automatic already. Goodell said so himself. -No one is going to go for the extra 8th point unless they need it. -If they fail the 8th point try they're at 6 points. -So it's the exact same thing as before Except there's...
  12. zomnomnombie

    ★ The Official 2013 NFL Season Thread ★

    That was a great game. The bad calls were bad particularly the roughing the kicker that wasn't called and led to Seattle points. 49ers were unlucky but that's part of the game. The ball is just going to roll your way sometimes and when you can take advantage of that you're going to win.
  13. zomnomnombie

    So I just got my Moto X

    -The Google Now cards can be added to a dedicated home screen via the Google Now widgets.
  14. zomnomnombie

    Sales of Moto X

    I would imagine sales have picked up considering the discounts they have been offering. I'm waiting on some delicious rosewood to get mine though.
  15. zomnomnombie

    Final Fantasy VI Finally Coming to Android

    -This is my favorite Final Fantasy game ever. -However, I will not be picking it up because of their ridiculous DRM.
  16. zomnomnombie

    Favorite or must have apps for rooted users

    Titanium Backup and Root Explorer for me.
  17. zomnomnombie

    Serious Problem With Play Music

    -According to the "What's New" section in the Play Store for Google Play Music. SD card support is only enabled on KitKat devices at the moment. -Your profile says you have a RAZR MAXX. -RAZR MAXX is still on Jelly Bean. -I would recommend transferring your music to the Google Play Music...
  18. zomnomnombie

    My first smart phone!

    Welcome. The HTC One is a pretty good choice to get started.
  19. zomnomnombie

    FoxKat in the club!

    He's even more dapper than I imagined.